Why a tech education is important for children

The world is changing, and sometimes it might seem you're in a race to catch up. Getting the latest technology probably takes a good chunk out of your yearly budget, and then you have to re-educate yourself about how to do things in new and different ways – whether it be working your new tablet or getting to grips with Alexa turning on and off your lights!

Sure, technology is helpful. It can make it easy to video chat your friends from across the world, get the headlines on your tablet and control your heating remotely whilst you do your weekly supermarket run. You can bank, shop, research your medical symptoms and get free legal advice all online.

Your children won't be kids forever. When they decide on careers, they'll have to compete in an arena with other young adults who are tech savvy. How many typists do you see in the workplace these days, or typewriter repairmen, or switchboard operators for that matter? Understanding how to use emerging technologies is a key advantage in the workplace. That won't be changing any time soon. The more comfortable your kids are with technology today, the better equipped they'll be to function in the world of tomorrow.

Think about the ways technology has changed the world in the last five years. Consider the pace of those changes. It's staggering. Now imagine how new technologies will transform the way your children live in 10, 15 or 20 years. One of the tasks educators are faced with is preparing children for the technological advancements they may encounter not just today but in the future, too. The downside is that finding the right mix of teaching methods and just trying to keep up can be a big challenge. The upside is that the very technology educators are trying to keep pace with is creating new ways to make teaching more immediate, interesting and varied.

Teaching technology bridges the gender gap

It’s well known there are far fewer women working in tech careers than men, and an early education could close the gap. More specifically, if females get early exposure through specialised classes or clubs, they could experience a world of future career opportunities they might not know about otherwise.

Keeping kids interested in tech isn’t always straightforward, but educators and parents can help inspire.

Having a tech hobby increases the likelihood of getting into higher education

The people who make decisions about college admissions prefer applicants to be well-rounded. Having good grades is a start, but extracurricular activities speak volumes too.  If a teen gets involved in a tech hobby, such as a coding club, that kind of participation could lead to a future tech career.

In any case, admissions professionals look for people likely to positively contribute to their campus communities. When students have tech hobbies that allow them to interact with others, they learn skills books alone don’t teach.

An interest in tech sparks an inquisitive mindset

Whether kids learn about tech by assembling miniature robots or learning how to do something new on a computer, an interest in tech urges children to question things and develop a passion for exploring. Many of the world’s greatest inventors came up with their ideas by noticing issues and wondering how they could address them.

Instead of merely accepting the way things are, a child who develops a tech background will likely start to think about how tech could bring about improvements, and maybe even how they could be responsible for the changes.

Technology skills nurture determination

Indeed, other skills besides those related to tech teach kids how and why it’s worthwhile to keep their sights set on goals. But, learning about technology or using technology as a method for learning could especially reinforce why giving up early is not ideal.

If a child learns a new programming language or figures out the basics of a graphic design program, they’re doing things that necessitate working hard and seeing gradual progress towards a milestone. Also, YouTube is an excellent platform for learning how to do new things—tech-related or not.

Tech skills prepare kids for the future

This brief overview explains how tech skills can get kids ready for life in various ways and help them prepare for a successful future. Whether you are a parent, educator, or in another role that involves influencing kids, don’t overlook tech skills and how they can help young people thrive.

Being prepared for the future is essential for all kids, and that includes career exploration in addition to building technology skills. Be sure your child’s school teaches necessary tech skills and offers career exploration courses or, enrol your child in a course that they can study in their own time, from home, alongside their school curriculum.

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Why a tech education is important for children