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Student Ana takes nutrition course to help herself and others


Ex-pro Russian Athlete and Open Study College student Ana chose to study Nutrition Consultant and Weight Management to help herself and others maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

At 36, she’s no stranger to studying and has studied a huge range of courses. Ana proves that is absolutely okay to change your direction and mind, discovering what you enjoy and what you set out to achieve along the way.

Living a busy lifestyle meant that distance learning was the option that suited her the most. Sitting in lectures and classrooms just didn’t appeal to her anymore. She needed flexibility and enjoyed the idea of self-learning whilst studying at her own pace.

“I have a very busy lifestyle so for me there were no other options available and it’s easy to study in your own space without rushing for a deadline. That way I can read and research until I understood the topic better. Plus, with my past experience of classrooms and endless lectures, I don’t think I could handle it again.”

“I am Russian and I have a degree in Public Relations and Mass Media which was completed in Saint Petersburg State University.”

“I came to the UK in 2006 to do my Masters in Business English. after completed that I decided to do Advanced Diploma in Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management (level 4) which took me around 3 years.”

“After, I realised that I was interested in finance and accounting so I did CIMA accounting management which took me another 3 years.”

However, after I had completed those I decided to study more and did PGD in Strategic Management and Leadership. All of those courses were done in the UK in private colleges.

Ana chose to study her course with Open Study College to get herself and her body back on the right track after stopping her competitive career.

“I picked Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant courses in order to learn and help myself with the right nutrition. I am an ex-pro athlete and competed a lot in the past.”

“When I stopped competing my life was a bit of roller-coaster. My hormones were out of the window and my eating was a complete disaster. I basically tried to keep my lean physique, but after living off a competition diet, which is so restricted you end up with a number of health issues and various eating disorders.”

“Throughout my own research, study and well-balanced food I managed to reverse so many of my health conditions.”

“Based on my own experience which I am sure most of us have, I decided to get a qualification in Nutrition and Weight Management. So, with the right knowledge and good experience I can help others who struggle to lose weight and be healthy.”

“I chose Open Study College because it has it all! The syllabus has a wide range of topics and the variety of courses is just perfect to choose from. The price range is really affordable for anyone too.

For those who are looking to study a course, Ana really encourages you to go ahead!

“In my opinion, if you pick a course with a subject or topic you really interested in, the study itself will be really easy. Knowledge is a powerful thing and to be able to learn and implement those in life is a wonderful achievement.”

“The most enjoyable thing throughout my study was that the textbook provides a good range of information for the subject however additional research is a must in order to get a clear picture. Plus the links the college use to additional resources is amazing. Very well planned and design course for self-study.”

If you want to find out more about Ana and follow her study and fitness journey, follow her on Instagram @miss_fit_ana.