Take on a new challenge and learn Chinese

China is a dominating force in the world.
It’s the world’s largest economy, holds over 1 billion occupants, and produces over 2 billion in trade produce each year.
In short, it’s not a country to be messed with.
So, it makes sense that it is predicted that up to 1 billion of the world’s population will soon be able to speak Chinese.
In that case, we should all try to get ahead of the game.
Learning a new language can be very enlightening and open a world of new possibilities.


One of the obvious reasons: travelling the world.
China is a large and exciting country to explore. It’s got the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and The Yellow Mountains, to name a few.
If you learn Chinese, you will be able to explore the country without being prohibited; meet new people, fully immerse within their culture and have an experience of a lifetime.

Improve brain activity

As you get older, it becomes harder to learn a new language. As they say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” - but when you learn a new language, it makes learning other things easier too.
The benefits of learning a new language include increased brain activity, a better memory and a longer attention span.

Increased career prospects

Have you ever met someone who could speak more than one language and instantly thought how cool they are?
Well this works the same for employers.
Many employers are impressed with the ability to speak a new language because it shows dedication and commitment to learning. And with China being one of the world’s biggest economies and traders, knowing Chinese is bound to make you stand out amongst your competition.
At Open Study College, we want to help you get to the top of that list with our Mandarin Course. Mandarin is the most popular tongue spoken within China and our distance learning course can help you add it to your vocabulary all from the comfort of your own home.
Take a look at the options on our website or call out Student Adviser team on 03300 563100 to start your new life of adventures and a dream career.

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Take on a new challenge and learn Chinese