Just launched: new Access to HE course for aspiring public service professionals

We have now launched a new Access to HE course in Public Services to add to our growing portfolio of online courses for those looking to pursue a career in the police force, legal, and criminology sectors.

The Access to HE Diploma in Public Services is the second course of this nature alongside the Access to HE Diploma in Health for aspiring nurses, midwives, or healthcare professionals. Completing either one of these qualifications is the equivalent to securing three A Levels without needing to physically attend a school or college or sit any exams.

The course runs for two years until completion and the first cohort begins in September 2022 with intakes every January and September thereafter. To enrol, learners need to be at least 19 years old and have a minimum of grade 4 or C in GCSE Maths and English. They will also have to provide their own learning device (computer, laptop, or tablet), and have 20 free hours a week to dedicate to studying.

Samantha Rutter, CEO at Open Study College: “No matter what path you’re on, we believe education should always be accessible, which is why we’re incredibly proud to launch our Access to HE qualifications. Often described by our students as ‘the best kept secret to getting into uni’, these courses are specifically tailored as an excellent alternative to traditional education for those looking to go to university in order to pursue a particular career.

“There are so many people who have valuable talents to contribute to key sectors of society, but who are held back as they don’t enjoy such a regimented approach to learning so can’t pursue their dream job. This course aims to grant them as much control as possible so that they can transition into the roles which they seek with the confidence and knowledge to hit the ground running”.

Having successfully completed the Access to HE course, Open Study College student Kacie is well on her way to pursuing her dream to be a nurse.

Kacie said: “It’s really surprising how few people are actually aware of this alternative route into university. When it comes to Access to HE, if, like me, you left school with no A Levels but then changed your mind and decided that you do want to go to university, then remember this course, as it’s a qualification accepted all by itself.”

With no examination requirements, students are assessed via a combination of essays, reports, and presentations which aim to equip them with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need as they aspire to work in the policing, fire and rescue, and legal sectors amongst others.


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Just launched: new Access to HE course for aspiring public service professionals