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It’s never too late to study an A Level, as demonstrated by Suzanne!


We’re great believers that it’s never too late to study an A Level – whether it’s to access Higher Education, progress your career, or ‘just because’. Almost two decades after leaving school, Suzanne decided to further her education purely for enjoyment. Choosing a subject she enjoyed in her teenage years has reinvigorated her love of learning. We spoke to Suzanne to find out more.

What’s your background in terms of education?

I left secondary school with GCSEs, and I also have a Level 3 NVQ in Childcare which I completed whilst working with children.

What made you want to study your chosen subject/course?

I continued to enjoy Geography even after I left school but never pursued it further. I decided, 19 years after leaving school, to further my education in a subject I enjoy.

What was your motivation for studying?

I chose to study purely for my enjoyment of Geography.

Why did you choose distance learning over traditional study methods?

I work full time so needed a flexible approach to learning which would fit around my job. I chose distance learning as I know I can work it around my current commitments.

Why did you choose to study with Open Study College?

I looked around at distance learning providers and phoned Open Study College to request more information after seeing the website. The person I spoke to made me comfortable and helped me work everything out straight away, so I enrolled on the phone there and then. First impressions count!

What have you enjoyed most about your studies?

I’ve enjoyed everything so far – the subject content and the process.

What do you plan to do with your course after completing your studies?

At this time I’m unsure what I’m going to do with the course once completed. I’m studying more for enjoyment but who knows what opportunities it may bring me.

Do you plan to study any further in the future?

I intend to study further once I’ve completed this course, I just need to decide what subject will be next!

What are your career goals?

I would love to help people in poorer countries in some capacity, or work in photography.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There’s nothing else I can add; everything is perfect. Thank you!
Thanks Suzanne for sharing your story with us!

It’s never too late!

Whether you’re looking to resit previous A levels, study a new subject or take an A Level for the first time, it’s never too late! Call us on 03300 563100 to find out more, or visit the A Level qualifications page on our website to choose from 20 subjects; with or without exams and practicals.

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