National Parks Week – How visiting your local park can relieve stress

Walking not only keeps you fit, burns calories and wards off obesity, but also reduces stress. As it’s National Parks Week why not go for a walk in your local park. Whether it’s a slow stroll with a friend or a power walk on your own, make walking part of your daily routine and you could become stress-free. Here’s 5 reasons why you should:

Helps put your brain in a meditative state

Research suggests that walking through green spaces can put your brain into a meditative state. This allows you to reflect and triggers your involuntary attention, quieting the mind and increasing awareness.

Reduces stress

According to a number of studies, a walk in the park can reduce stress. It has also been found that taking a walk can improve your memory and attention span by 20%. So why not try visiting your local park for 20-30 minutes a day to eliminate stress and give your brain a boost

Increases stress-busting endorphins

After 30 minutes of walking your muscles run out of stored oxygen and turns to anaerobic respiration. This builds up lactic acid and signals the brain to release endorphins, which reduces stress hormones and decreases mild depression.

Creates bonds with friends

Regular walks with friends and loved ones can help you develop stronger bonds and lower blood pressure. Walking is a great way to spend time with friends as it won’t feel like your exercising. Research has also shown that spending time with a pet can also lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and dampen other physiological stress responses. So why not take your dog for a walk at your local park?

Boost energy

Exercise is perfect for boosting your energy, which is why physical activity such as walking can help you tremendously. It helps improve self-esteem and feel better about yourself creating a more optimistic, energetic frame of mind.

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National Parks Week – How visiting your local park can relieve stress