More than three quarters of the UK not happy at work

Happiness VS money is an age-old conundrum. Would you rather earn more and be unhappy or earn less yet enjoy work? Well, new data, released today here at Open Study College, revealed that a whopping 80% of us here in the UK are NOT happy with our current career or job role and, surprisingly, those of us with some of the highest earning potential are in fact some of the least happy people. 

The nationwide survey questioned members of the public about job satisfaction to find out how happy Brits are with their working life, and what’s putting them off from making any changes. Shockingly, those earning between £50-60K annually were the least content, with as little as 12% claiming to be happy at work. While those earning £30-40K were found to be the happiest, the rate is still considerably low at just 30%.

The results showed that despite being unsatisfied in their current role, only 12% would like to make a career change today. Perhaps this is due to the fact that one in 10 are too worried to make the move to a new job, with many lacking the correct qualifications and skills. 

Interestingly, those working in Recruitment and HR were by far the most satisfied job sectors with a huge two-thirds claiming they are perfectly happy with their job. Other “happy” industries include Science and Pharmaceuticals (50%) and Social Care (47%). In comparison, those working in Law, Leisure, and Hospitality were the least happy, with as little as one in ten feeling satisfied with their career. 

Looking across the UK regionally, Scotland and Wales were two of the unhappiest areas within the nation with less than one in five (16%) currently happy at work.

Robbie Bryant, our Careers Expert here at Open Study College, said: “Job satisfaction across the board is very low in the UK, especially in certain industries. Many of us would clearly like to change careers but are worried about making the move. Looking for a new job doesn't have to be a daunting task and the rewards could be huge! 

“Taking an online course is a great way to prepare yourself for a career change. Train yourself in a new skill, improve your knowledge and confidence, maybe even start your own business. There are so many possibilities and while right now might not feel like a good time to change, due to the cost of living crisis, you could actually end up in a better position, or at least happier day to day! Make sure to complete some in depth research before taking the leap but don’t be frightened to try.”

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More than three quarters of the UK not happy at work