CIM Level 3: South African student Paige's story

“Even though I’m based in South Africa, thousands of miles away from the UK, it feels like I have the support of OSC whenever I need it, wherever I am. Open Study College is always there.”  - Paige, CIM Level 3 Foundation in Professional Digital Marketing student, South Africa.

Paige is currently studying a CIM Level 3 Foundation in Professional Digital Marketing with Open Study College and is excited to broaden her knowledge in other courses with OSC in the future. Already working full-time in a demanding job, distance learning is the perfect solution for her career ambitions.

“This is my first course with OSC, and I chose them because, as anyone who works a full-time job will know, I don’t have the capacity to commit to full-time studies as well. I love to learn and alleviate myself and I’m always looking for new ways to expand on my knowledge, and therefore when I found Open Study College, it seemed the perfect fit at the right time in my career.”

Paige is currently working in marketing at a large private school in South Africa. CIM recently released a study on LinkedIn that showed marketers work more overtime than 94% of other professions, with this being said it is a joy for Paige to feel no added pressure on top of her job in pursuing something so rewarding as studying.

“Even though I’m based in South Africa, thousands of miles away from the UK, it feels like I have the support of OSC whenever I need it, wherever I am. OSC is always there. I’m currently studying the digital fundamentals having completed the foundations of marketing principles and the marketing mix. I have learnt more than one can imagine in a practical and comprehensive way that I know will benefit my future immensely. Speaking of my future, I have ambitions to apply what I’ve learnt through OSC to creating my own small business offering brands a variety of creative marketing solutions such as voiceovers or corporate video training.

“When I’m not working or studying, I am an avid theatre-goer and I’m extremely passionate about the arts and human nature. I believe in the power of effective storytelling, whether this be on stage, in print, or in writing. I studied performance and went on to appear in several local television series here in South Africa and this still plays a large part in what drives me so passionately and I wish to apply that to my marketing skills to be as creative as possible in all aspects of my life.”

Paige expresses her appreciation for Open Study College and how they give her her own space so that she can work at her own pace. She explains that education is a lot more enjoyable when it doesn’t feel like an obligation, but rather a motivating and rewarding goal.

“OSC are always more than happy to help and offer professional support to nurture me through my studies if needed. If anyone out there is debating getting involved in distance learning with Open Study College, my only advice would be to do it! There is no time like the present. You might be fearful of your limited time, as was I, but when it is studying something as comprehensive and as enjoyable as an OSC course then it is not at all a chore. It is something to look forward to with great encouragement from the company and their experts.”

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CIM Level 3: South African student Paige’s story