Improve Your Knowledge with our English Law Course

Being a lawyer is no easy task.
The law is intricate, full of depth, and constantly updating itself. However, the basics remain the same.
Wouldn’t it be easier if you could give yourself a head start on all that you need to know?
This is what we intended with our Introduction to English Law Course.
Our knowledge-based course provides you with the basics of English Law and its systems to get your Law career started.


This course covers a multitude of topics to get you ready for the Law profession.
From the legal system and making laws to the different law types, this course has been written with detail; this ensures that you learn everything you need to know to kick-start your career.


To ensure you understand what you are learning, this English Law course includes regular assessments of the content. These will be outlined within your course; once you have completed them, they will be reviewed and sent back to you with feedback from our award-winning tutor support.

Work prospects

If you intend to go onto further study, this will set the foundations for your learning. You will have a great understanding of the premises of English Law, and will be able to understand more within your future studies, in an easier way.
With this additonal course on your CV, your career prospects are sure to improve. Future employers will see that you are passionate about Law as you have opted to study a course on your own initiative. In addition, if you have this on you CV and other employers or candidates do not, you will have a great advantage.
If you want to start your career in Law today, or simply further the career you are currently in, give our Student Adviser team a call today on 03300 563100.
Alternatively, check it out on our website and enrol today!

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Improve Your Knowledge with our English Law Course