How maths skills can boost your chances of getting a job

Many professions require maths skills: accountancy, nursing and fashion designing are just a few of them. Employers need people that know how to solve problems, analyse and handle data and you can get all of these skills from studying maths. Take a look at how maths skills can boost your chances of getting a job:

Handle money accurately

Taking payments and working out change for customers is an important skill to have within the retail industry. Employers need to know you can accurately work out percentage discounts, round numbers, estimate and divide totals. Many roles will also include you looking after a budget, so you will need strong maths skills to be able to enter a career of this kind.

Take precise measurements

Measuring is a must have for many jobs, especially in the logistics industry. It is very important in this field for you to be able to measure an area of warehouse space and calculate how much fuel you’ve used in order to complete your job properly.

Knowledge to calculate and read maps

There are lots of jobs that require you to be able to interpret maps including a geologist, travel agent and an architect. As maths skills are needed to read maps, employers are always looking for people with these skills.

Creating reports

Report writing is needed in most jobs and to do that you’ll need to understand and work out statistical data. Recruiters look for those that are easily able to interpret and explain tables and graphics.
No matter what job you go into, you’ll always need mathematical skills.
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How maths skills can boost your chances of getting a job