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Hobbies you can turn into a side hustle

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Earning an extra income is never a bad thing and it’s easier than ever to turn your hobby into a money-creating side hustle. Not sure what path to go down when it comes to starting your own side hustle? Well, here are just a few of the many options…

Personal trainer

Keeping fit, earning money, and helping get people into shape. Being a personal trainer can be a very rewarding side hustle. Some people turn to a personal trainer when they lack the confidence or motivation to work out in the gym by themselves. Being able to give people that belief and push them out of their comfort zone will bring a very gratifying feeling. By doing this, you can help your clients become the best versions of themselves. Being a personal trainer also allows you to build great relationships with not just your clients, but other health professionals. Sharing a life-changing experience in a fitness and wellness transformation will help you create special bonds with your clients.

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Blogging can be a really helpful tool, not just for your readers but for yourself as well. By starting your own blog, it allows your voice to be heard in an industry that you are really interested in. Not only that, but it helps you increase your communication skills. By thinking how best to communicate certain content so it comes across in the way intended will only improve those skills. There are so many people in the blogging space as well, which whilst they could be seen as competition, it allows you to meet so many new people. Finally, writing a blog can, of course, help others as well. Whether your blog is about the best vegan spots in Birmingham or your top five albums of the year, someone will be getting informed about one thing or another.

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Beauty therapist/nail technician

There are many routes to go down when it comes to becoming a beauty therapist, you can be a masseuse, a hairdresser, a nail technician, and much more. It is an industry that is rapidly growing as well, meaning there will be plenty of work available. It’s another career that can be really rewarding, as you can make your clients feel good inside and out. If you’re a people person then this could be perfect for you too, as it really is a sociable job, talking to all different kinds of people. There is so much room to develop in the field of beauty therapy as well, so it really suits those who love to be constantly learning.

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Making and selling your own jewellery

If you lean more toward the creative, artsy side of things, then making and selling your own jewellery could be a great way to earn extra cash. It allows your creative side to shine, whilst being able to put your personality into the things you make. Making jewellery can also be very therapeutic, which has its health benefits. It can be a really relaxing way to pass the time. If you use social media to help you market your products, it also allows you to connect with people from all over the world.

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If you’re someone who likes to carry a camera with you wherever you go, then selling photography could be a great side hustle. One good way to do this is by selling stock photos, which means you can earn more from licensing a single photo over and over again instead of selling it, copyright included, just once. Depending on what you take photos of, doing this could allow you to get out and about, in different environments to snap all different kinds of things.

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Virtual assistant

Are you looking to earn a bit of money in those spare couple of hours you may have in your day? Then becoming a virtual assistant could be the route for you. It gives you the flexibility to work when and wherever you want. There is a demand for virtual assistants as well, so there will always be work on offer. With more and more businesses choosing the work-from-home model, the need for virtual assistants has grown. By working with different and interesting clients, you will develop many transferable skills. From communication skills to organisational skills, you will be able to take that to other parts of life, in and out of work.

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