Gain essential skills with our GCSE Maths Courses

GCSE Maths is one of those subjects you can’t ever seem to get rid of.
As a core subject in the UK until the age of 16, it takes precedence in our lives. Not only that, but you use maths in almost every aspect of your life.
Working out change… weighing out ingredients… paying taxes… all of this counts as maths.
Therefore, we all need to have a great basic knowledge of maths in order to get through our daily routine.
So why not build up the essential skills with our GCSE maths courses?
Here at Open Study College we offer both GCSE Higher Mathematics as well as GCSE Foundation Mathematics to suit your ability and needs.

What do these courses entail?

These courses cover the basics to allow you to pass your GCSE examination and survive general life, including:

  • Trigonometry: the studies of angles and lengths… perfect for if you ever need to see if that new sofa will fit in the corner of your room
  • Algebra: the compilation of numbers, letter and analysis to work out theories and equations… or perhaps to see whether you will be able to afford that extra shopping trip this month.
  • Fractions and decimals: the representation of numbers as parts of a whole number… for example, if I eat ¼ of this cake, how much will I have left to eat later?

Both of the courses cover the same topics but at a different level to suit your ability.

GCSE Foundation Mathematics

You will study the same course as the Higher Mathematics but will sit an examination that will restrict you to achieving a C grade.
If you find that you struggle at maths, then this course may be the one for you. The course will allow you to take it at your own pace with easy explanations to help you through the course.

GCSE Higher Mathematics

Similar to the GCSE Foundation, this course allows you to work at your own pace. However, the Higher Mathematics course allows you to obtain higher grade.
Both courses will allow you to excel into higher learning, such as A Levels and Undergraduate degrees, as well as improve your career prospects and boost employability.
Sounds like a great idea, right?
Then why not give our Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100 to hear more about these GCSE Maths courses. Or check out our website and enrol today!

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Sharnie Carter

Gain essential skills with our GCSE Maths Courses