Finance Options: Why studying a course online doesn’t need to break the bank

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One thing you need to remember is that education is always a huge investment in your future, no matter what the cost. Whether you’re taking a knowledge course to improve your understanding of a certain topic or looking to change your career path or direction, it will always be a good investment.
However, we understand that although our courses are reasonably priced, paying a lump sum upfront can sometimes be overwhelming.
So exactly like our courses, our finance options are flexible to suit you. After all, it is your investment.  This means that you are either able to spread the cost of your course across small monthly payments or pay for full upfront. Giving you the choice means you can decide what’s best for your financial situation. No need to break the bank to get where you want!

Find the right course for you

Obviously, before you think about anything else, you need to find the right course for you. Putting cost aside, consider which course will be the best investment for your future. What do you want to expand your knowledge on? Which qualification do you want to gain?
Once you have found your perfect course, then you should consider your payment options. Not before. Don't let your financial situation dictate which course you can and can't do. Remember, taking a course online really doesn't need to break the bank!

Weigh out your options

When you take a course with Open Study College you have one of two options; paying in full upfront or spreading the cost across small monthly payments. You’ll first need to figure out which option will be best suited to you, your life and your learning.
When you pay in full and upfront for your course; it will always work out as the cheapest and easiest option to pay for one of our courses. Normally, this is the best option as it means the course is paid for. You won’t have the worry if your financial circumstances change.
If the idea of spreading the cost across small monthly payments appeals to you, then this will be the best option for you. This way, you’re investing in your future without having to worry about your bank balance.
Again, we are totally flexible. This is your learning journey and we want it to be as simple and stress free in any way that it can.

If you’re still unsure…

Priding ourselves on our customer service, we have excellent student advisors who will be able to offer guidance and advice on which financial path is best for you. Taking everything into consideration, they will ensure to only give you options that will work best for you. It's then up to you to decide. Pay upfront or spread the cost. Whichever will make it as stress free as possible.
Remember that nothing should stop you doing what you want to in life. If you want to take one of our courses, the flexibility we offer means that you are able to take whichever course you want. Pay for it your way.

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Finance Options: Why studying a course online doesn’t need to break the bank