Failed your GCSEs? Here’s what to do next…

If you have received disappointing GCSE grades or you are expecting your teacher predicted grades for this year to be low, you may be feeling a little helpless.

Don’t give up just yet though, there are always so many options if you have failed your exam and not achieved the grade you were hoping for. There are even options to study your GCSE's online.

Here are the next steps on what to do next!


Firstly, speak to people and seek advice. The more people you speak to, the easier it will become to decide on your future. You don’t have to face this alone.

Your teachers and tutors are the first people you should speak to. Whether that’s your subject teacher or your form tutor, they are there to help you – so seek their advice.

If you are wanting to take an A Level or course related to the subject you might have failed on, if your tutor knows you well, you may still be able to take that particular subject even though you haven’t achieved the grade. So, don’t give up hope! Have a chat with them and discuss your possible options.

Secondly, talk to a career’s advisor. If the subject you may have failed on is vital in your chosen career path, then you should consider alternative options. There might be other subjects you are better at that could lead you down a completely different career path than one you may have planned.

Organise a remark

Once you have received your results, there is always the option to send it back and have it remarked. This is definitely worth doing if you are one or two marks off a grade as it might make a difference. However, this is also a risk as your results could potentially go down and your grade will then be lowered.

Take your GCSE online with us

Consider retaking or choosing one or more GCSE's online or from a study pack with us! Many people don’t know this option is available to them, but it is the most flexible way of studying for your GCSE's. Our distance learning approach means you don’t have to attend classes and can study in your own time.

With this option you are able to study your GCSEs alongside your A Levels, a full time job or from a different environment without the commitment of attending separate classes. Choose to study online or from a course pack and study alongside other commitments such as college, work or a busy home life.

Reconsider future plans

Did you plan to go on and study A Levels? Would you need the grade in that particular subject for your future? Remember there are always so many other options.

You might want to consider taking an apprenticeship or, choose to do a more practical course online instead of A Levels such as childcare or beauty and makeup both of which are fully accredited qualifications. Many of our courses don’t have entry requirements meaning you have more options to shape your future.

Whichever you choose, make sure it’s something that suits you. It’s your life and your future.


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Failed your GCSEs? Here’s what to do next…