Why our Event Management Courses are Right For You

How many of us, when thinking of careers at school, were automatically drawn to the more “traditional” careers?
Doctor? ... Dentist? ... Accountant? … Journalist? … Teacher?
These were all the careers that our teachers and parents would hope for us to aim towards. And the careers that the generic subjects at school would lead us to.
But there are so many careers out there that are overshadowed yet have so much potential. Like Events Management, for example. Events is a wonderful industry to work in with exciting career opportunities, and here’s why we think our Event Management Courses are right for you.

Expanding Skill Set

Event Management requires a lot of interpersonal and professional qualities. People who work in events need to be

  • Organised
  • Friendly
  • Self-motivated
  • Creative

…and much more. Many Event Managers are self-employed or work for a particular venue; they are required to take control of the operation, so it is down to you and your skill set to make sure everything works out as planned.
We recommend our Event Management and Starting Your Own Business Level 3 course to start your career; it delves into the fundamental knowledge of planning events, budgeting and liaising, as well as teaching you the foundations of starting your own business.

Endless Opportunities

From the pub quiz down at your local or speed dating at the bar in town, to a fashion show promoting an up-and-coming fashion label or your best friend’s wedding. The options are endless.
You could choose to work across many or specialise in a specific field. Wedding planning is a popular choice, and our Wedding Planner and Event Management Level 3 course is a great option for this.
It combines the basics of Event Management with the specialisms of Wedding Planning. You’ll learn things such as implementing procedures, budgeting, choosing a venue and liaising with clients; a perfect way to kick-start your new career.

Potential and Prospects

Event Managers can earn anything starting from £19,000 and upwards.
There are a variety of other roles that are similar to events, that people often choose to take up as a stepping stone to event planning or as an alternative. These can include:

  • Marketing Communications
  • PR & Logistics Manager
  • Sales and Events Coordinator

...and more. So why not enrol on our Introduction to Event Management Level 2 course?
This course is a great basis for all careers within this field, and will help you to decide which of the specialist areas is right for you.
Enrol on a course today to kickstart your fun and exciting new career today!
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Why our Event Management Courses are Right For You