CV tips - How can you gain the competitive edge?

Are you struggling to get an interview? Do you want to know how to improve your CV and get noticed? Our CV tips can help you gain a competitive edge over fellow applicants.
On average, 250 people apply for an advertised position. It can be difficult to differentiate yourself when there are so many people applying for the same position.
Your CV is an opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. It allows you to demonstrate that you are a great candidate for the position they are advertising.

So, what are our CV tips?

Sell yourself

Include a professional summary at the start of your CV to provide an overview of your key attributes and skills. It’s also wise to mention your intended career path to demonstrate your drive. Make sure it flows seamlessly and keep it under ten lines, otherwise your reader will switch off. Another good idea is to include power words such as innovative, adaptable and achieved. And lastly, try to avoid clichés to ensure that your CV isn’t tossed in the bin before they read the rest!


Have you had any moments in your career so far that really stand out for you? That make you say “wow, I’m so proud that did that!” If so, include them in your CV! Put an emphasis on results you have achieved, along with the facts and stats to back it up. If you have any new qualifications that you worked hard to achieve then include them on your CV too.


It’s a good idea to subtly tailor your CV to the position you are applying for. Every job and every organisation is different so you may want to emphasise different skills or qualities for each application.


Not only is it important to showcase your skills, but also your personality if you want to stand out. Think about including a skills profile that describes what you consider to be your key skills, for example, excellent communication skills. And to showcase your personality, try to include hobbies and interests that the reader may find engaging. You could even think about customising the design of your CV to reflect your personality… but forget including the selfie, save that for social media!

Keep it brief

Try to keep your CV to less than two pages and avoid waffling! Also think about ditching the unnecessary personal information such as marital status, nationality, etc. and keep it to just your name, address, contact information and blog/website if relevant. Don’t worry about including professional experience that isn’t necessary either, for example if you are applying for an accounting position, is it relevant that you worked part-time in a fast food outlet when you were 16? Keep your CV short, and to the point.
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CV tips – How can you gain the competitive edge?