Courses of the Month: A Level Science

When we think of science, it's probably as a group rather than appreciating each subject for what it offers.
Everyday we breathe, eat, and perform other functions with our body that only biology can explain.
Every person, animal, object, liquid and more is made up of compounds and atoms discovered through the genius of chemistry.

Gravity, matter and its motion through space and time is still somewhat of a conundrum to many of us, but has been processed and uncovered thanks to the capabilities of physics.

There’s more to science than you think, which is why we’re doing something a bit special this month by having 3 Courses of the Month…

A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry and A Level Physics

These 3 recognised qualifications are not just for those wanting to be the next Brian Cox or Stephen Hawking; there are so many opportunities within the industry of science.

A Level Biology

One of our most popular courses, A Level Biology teaches you in-depth knowledge about molecules, cells, organisms and genetics as well as much more.
Aside from the obvious careers including a biologist, biology teacher, research scientist and doctor, studying A Level Biology can help you pursue a range of careers from dentist to veterinarian and  zoologist and physiotherapist.

A Level Chemistry

The bridging gap between sciences, A Level Chemistry expands on GCSE knowledge to build a core foundation for future education. Learn physical, organic and inorganic chemistry and how it works within the world.
Those who study A Level Chemistry often go on to pursue careers as a chemist, pharmacist, scientific technician or chemistry teacher, whilst other go on to careers such as engineers, management consultants or science writers.

A Level Physics

There’s more to physics than just the Big Bang theory (the phenomena not the tv show...). Physics is responsible for measurements, particles and radiation, mechanics and electricity – topics that this course covers in detail.
Studying physics can allow you to progress within careers such as teaching, metallurgy, acoustic consultancy, or even a software engineering.

Our A Level courses deliver the same knowledge and qualification that you would receive if studied in a college and even provides you with up to 56 UCAS points to progress onto university.

In addition, we now offer package courses which include your exam bookings and fees, so you can concentrate on your course and leave the rest to us.

These courses will give you the best start in many careers. Head over to our website to find out more about the courses in detail. Alternatively, give our student advisers a call on 03300 563 100 who will be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know.

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Courses of the Month: A Level Science