5 Celebs Who Went Back Into Education

You might think that if you were a rich and famous celebrity, that you wouldn’t need to think about education. But like we always say, education is for more than you think.
Yes, it’s for those who want to advance their careers.
Yes, it’s for those who want to gain qualifications and become professionals in their industry.
But it’s also for those who enjoy learning and want to better themselves.
These celebrities have proved it.
Although they are still standing in the spotlight, they still found the time to go back into education and achieve a degree or qualification. And some in subjects that you may never have thought of…

5 Celebrities Who Went Back into Education

James Franco

Known predominantly for his roles in Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man and 127 Hours, this Hollywood actor is an advocate for further education. He has undertaken degrees in several to further his acting career, but also studied English at the University of California.

Natalie Portman

Interested in Psychology from a young age, the Black Swan actress took a break from the bright lights of Hollywood to focus on learning about the popular subject. She was accepted into Harvard university to undertake a Bachelors degree.

Michael Jordan

One of Basketball’s biggest legends has also returned to a life of education. Having dropped out of school to pursue a basketball career, the sports shoe mogul returned to his studies at the University of North Carolina – to study Cultural Geography nonetheless!

Emma Watson

Not only does she play one of the smartest witches in the wizarding world, she also has quite a lot of brains as herself. The British actress returned to education after completing the Harry Potter franchise by attending Browne University to study English Literature.

Tyra Banks

Model and actress turned author, Banks took a break from her thriving career to study ways to improve it. She enrolled onto a 9-week Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School. She then later used the skills and knowledge she had learnt to progress her career into fashion and philanthropy.
We may admire some of these for their skills and professions, but their passion for education and want to better themselves should also be admired and replicated. Not only does it show that education is for everyone, it also reiterates the idea that it is never too late to study.
Whether you are thinking of studying to further your career or maybe just want to learn something new, there is never a wrong time.
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5 Celebs Who Went Back Into Education