Can I Get to University Without A Levels?

April 3, 2020

Although A Levels are primarily for those seeking to get into university, yes it is possible to get to university without A levels and qualify for a university course.

An Access to Higher Education (Access to HE) course is a flexible way of getting into university and suits those who are returning to education.

What is an Access to HE Course?

An Access to Higher Education course is a direct route into university within a specific subject. So instead of taking three A levels in quite broad subjects, an Access to Higher Education course is very subject specific. For example, Access to HE Diploma (Health) can get you a direct route into university to study nursing and midwifery.

University without a levels

Access to Higher Education courses are also designed for mature students (19+) and those who are returning back to education. It’s a way of easing learners back into studying and also preparing them for a university course.

What are the benefits of an Access to HE course?

Getting to university without A levels, and instead with an Access to Higher Education course is beneficial in many ways.

You can study an Access to HE course through distance learning. This is the perfect, flexible option for those with busy lives who need to balance study around their schedule. This means you are able to study from the comfort of your own home, submit your assignments online or by post and not have to worry about getting to class on time. You don’t have to give up your job, so you’re able to change your career.

The course itself is very specific to the course you are looking to study at university. The modules you study will be relevant and will prepare you for the course, sometimes much better than A levels would!

Do all universities accept them?

Many universities accept an Access to Higher Education course and for some courses, universities actually prefer them because of the way they prepare learners for university.

However, you must check if your chosen university will accept the course before you enrol onto your chosen Access to HE course.

How does it work?

An Access to HE course is the equivalent to 3 A Levels. This means that you will earn UCAS points in the same way that A Levels can. The Access courses are generally graded on credits which will then translate into UCAS points.

There are some universities that only accept A Level grades as opposed to UCAS points so you need to ensure you check this with your chosen university beforehand.

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Can I Get to University Without A Levels?
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