Can astrologers predict the future?

Many of us like to know what our future has in store for us, which is why we turn to astrology. Horoscopes are used to tell you what’s to come in your life and are based on time, place and date of birth. But can astrologers really predict the future?
Astrology is the study of how stars and planets can have an effect on our lives. It is believed that our personality, relationships and economic futures are all shaped by the position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of our birth.

Astrology is one of the great adventures of human civilisation and has contributed greatly to people's lives and to our culture over time. Astrology's purpose is to use the positions of the planets and stars in the sky to gather information on the individual and on humanity. Astrology is a system that enables us to understand the past, present and the future within a universe full of meaning — Joseph Crane

By studying astrology we can gain a better understanding of ourselves using planetary indications. Although astrology does not tie you to being a certain way, it does explain the potential challenges and possibilities based on the energy in your life.
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Can astrologers predict the future?