A Level Sociology - why should I study this subject?

Do you ever wonder why social issues such as crime, poverty and prejudice exist? It’s difficult to understand why the human race hasn’t managed to eradicate these issues after all this time. During your A Level Sociology course you will study the development of modern day human society. It explores our identities, and the cultural issues that affect us all. It's a broad subject, but the knowledge you will gain is valuable in a variety of careers.

What will I study during A Level Sociology?

Throughout this course you will build on your awareness and understanding of social and cultural diversity in today’s societies. There are both compulsory and optional study topics on the A Level Sociology syllabus. During this course you will study education, crime and deviance, along with the theories and methodologies for these subjects. You will also have a choice of studying one of the following two themes:

  • Culture and identity, families and households, health, and work, poverty and welfare
  • Beliefs in society, global development, the media, and stratification and differentiation

Can I improve any skills with this course?

Not only will this course develop your knowledge of modern society, you will also improve many useful skills. Firstly, you will enhance your communication skills by learning how to put your point across fluently and clearly. You will also discover how to investigate facts, and use the evidence to support your arguments and points. Finally, throughout your studies you will learn how to take responsibility for your own learning.

What degrees are suited to A Level Sociology?

A Level Sociology is a highly beneficial if you wish to study degrees in politics, philosophy, marketing, media studies, healthcare, and of course, sociology!

What about my future career?

The knowledge and skills you will gain during your A Level Sociology course is very useful to a number of careers. In particular, it lends itself to careers in social work, nursing and medicine. However, it is also useful if you aspire to a career in marketing, PR, journalism, law or teaching.
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A Level Sociology – why should I study this subject?