6 Reasons why kids should be learning code

Code is a scary concept to many people and lots shy away from it. However, in the world we live in today, it’s actually one of the most important languages. Computers and technology are everywhere and those creators behind it know code.

Think about how many apps you have on your phone or the different games you have played. These are all made possible because of code.

It’s important kids today don’t shy away but embrace IT and learn coding language from a young age. Here are 6 reasons why kids should be learning code.

The younger the better

It’s a known fact that kids learn much faster than adults, which is why its recommended to learn another language as young as possible! Coding works the same way as it is a form of language. Kids are able to absorb the information more quickly and it stays with them for longer periods of time. The younger they are when they start, the easier it will be to learn.

Coding language is everywhere

Understanding the way technology works is so important for a number of things. The language is everywhere. In media literacy, future career prospects, and managing day to day life – without even realising it!. Just have a think - there is an app to manage almost every aspect of life from banking to list making, and from fitness tracking to travel booking!

It sparks creativity

Unexpectedly coding is actually a very creative subject. We use code to create. It’s all about creatively applying code to solve problems and develop something amazing and useful to the world. Imagine your kids creating a new app or game or a piece of useful software, regardless of what they use it for, they’re developing something concrete and helpful for the world.

Kids can also create and build with code. It’s basically the step between traditional Lego building activities and a more advanced robotics course. It’s fun because they’re able to design and build their own creations and see them perform in action.

Boosts skills

Coding is a whole new language in itself and learning this boosts language learning skills in general. Coding also teaches kids skills like concept, task-analysis, and structure which will always be necessary and highly sought after.

Enhances future career prospects

Computer science and technology is one of the fastest growing career fields in this modern age. Kids learning to code will open up many future career opportunities that go far beyond the world of IT and computing.

Of course, there’s no shortage of excellent careers in the field of computer programming. Many of the huge technology corporations we know today were created by young people. Facebook was invented by a 20 year old. Snapchat by a 21 year old. Reddit by a 22 year old and Google by a 25 year old. The next big app could be created by your kid!

Improves academic

Programming builds skills into everyday thinking. Young people learn to structure their tasks, divide large tasks into individual steps, create theories, test their ideas, correct errors, and develop logic patterns. These are similar skills that can be developed through academic subjects like maths and creative writing but are done in a more creative way that often appeals more to a lot of kids!

Even though you may be shying away from learning to code, try and encourage your kids to as it really is the future.

They can even learn through lockdown with these online courses, all can be studied in their own time!

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6 Reasons why kids should be learning code