5 Worst CV mistakes

Making mistakes on your CV is easy, but it is extremely difficult to repair the damage once an employer receives it. So take a look at these 5 worst CV mistakes to make sure you don’t ruin your chances of achieving your dream job:

Not making it relevant

One of the biggest mistakes you could make when putting together your CV is not targeting it to the job position you are applying for.  Putting in key words that are relevant to the job position will allow your CV to stand out, especially if the employer scans through it. Explain how your skills can help you in that specific industry.

Being sloppy

Spelling, grammar, sending your CV in the wrong format and including negative information about yourself put recruitment managers off very quickly. These types of CV’s end up in the ‘definite no’ pile straight away. So make sure you proof read and edit continuously to help produce a perfect CV!

Poor formatting

A huge turn-off for employers is receiving a CV which isn’t very clear or easy to read. Did you know that on average recruiters spend 8.8 seconds reviewing a CV. So make sure you really sell yourself! With this in mind it is always a good idea to keep your CV brief with only the relevant information included in order for information to be absorbed quickly. You should definitely avoid using too many fonts or sizes and confusing layouts!

Lack of evidence

Failing to specifically evidence your skills and experiences can be a fatal mistake. Anyone can state that they have a skill, but explaining how they got it can give it a lot more credibility. So make sure you back up information!

Too long

Employers do not have the time to read long CV’s, so keep it short! A good CV will consist of two pages – no more and no less! Slimming down your CV will enable you to show off your communication skills and help you distinguish important information that is specific to the job position.
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5 Worst CV mistakes