5 Reasons why you should study A-Level Biology

Is it your dream to become a medical research scientist? Maybe a pharmacologist? Or perhaps a microbiologist? Then an A-Level in Biology can help you! Boost your knowledge in life and living organisms and gain a fascinating insight into evolution, gene expression and biological molecules. Take a look at these 5 reasons why you study A-Level Biology:

Understand biological molecules

Our A-Level Biology course will allow you to explore the common chemistry which is shared by all life on Earth. You will also be able to investigate how proteins form many cell structures and how carbohydrates are commonly used by cells as respiratory substrates.

Explore the control of gene expression

You will be able to recognise how the control of translation enables cells to have specialised functions, forming tissues and organs. Understand how external and internal factors impact the expression of genes. You will also find out how the use of DNA technology helps us in the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Insight into genetics, population, evolution and ecosystems

In this fascinating unit, you will be able to understand how all new species arise from an existing species and discover how they share a common ancestry. Gain an insight into how populations between different species compete for the means of survival and how this affects the abiotic factors in an ecosystem.

Gain entry into university

If you’re looking to go onto a biology related degree, then an A-Level in Biology is perfect for you. It will allow you to achieve those all-important UCAS points you need for entry into university.

Kick-start your career

Boosting your knowledge within the study of life and living organisms can help you kick-start your dream career, whether you would love to work as a microbiologist, pharmacologist, nature conservation officer or research scientist.
Kick-start your prospects and study A-Level Biology course!

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Sharnie Carter

5 Reasons why you should study A-Level Biology