3 Tips for choosing the perfect A-Levels

Choosing the best A-Levels for you is a very important and big decision to make. Which is why you should take the time to really think about which subjects to study. This decision can help you gain entry into university and help decide on which career path to take. So make sure you pick the right ones! Here are 3 tips on how to decide on which A-levels to take:

University specific A-Levels

If you’re planning on studying A-Levels to help gain entry into university, a vital step in choosing which ones to take is researching your ideal university and course. Some universities may reject your application if you do not have specific A-Levels, so it is best if you check beforehand. If your perfect university course doesn’t display this information double check by giving them a ring!

University options

Do you want to go to university but don’t have a clue what you want to study? You’re not on your own! Many of us don’t know what career path to take until after studying our A-Levels. The best thing you can do at this point is keep your options open by selecting some of the most commonly asked-for A-Levels. These include:

By studying more of these A-Level subjects, it will open up additional university courses for you to enrol onto. So be smart and keep your options open until you decide what you would like to study at university.

Choosing subjects you enjoy

Is there a particular subject you’re interested in? Maybe you had a favourite GCSE subject and done really well in it? Then perhaps it would be ideal to continue these subjects into A-Level. After all you’ll do better in your studies if you have an interest in the subject!
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3 Tips for choosing the perfect A-Levels