3 Reasons why you should study Primatology

Do you find learning about primates, including gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and lemurs fascinating and want to know more? Maybe you’d love to gain the knowledge to begin your journey as a primatologist? Then here are 3 reasons why you should study primatology:

Gain an insight into the evolution of primates

Our Level 3 course will allow you to explore the existence of primates and learn about where they originated from. It will also enable you to gain a fascinating insight into the primate family tree, investigating the different stages including old monkeys, new monkeys and great apes.

Explore old and new world monkeys

You will be able to understand the global distributions of old and new monkeys and understand why they live where they do. This interesting module is great if you'd like to learn about different monkey family types and want to gain an insight into their unique characteristics and behaviours.

Develop your knowledge about prosimians

With a unit dedicated to prosimians you will explore the geography and habitats of their main origin – Madagascar.  In this module, you can investigate the different types of primates belonging to the Strepsirrhini and Haplorhini suborder. Here you will be able to gain a fascinating insight into lemurs, Tarsiers and much more!
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3 Reasons why you should study Primatology