3 Reasons to study A-Level Chemistry

Chemistry is known as the ‘central science’ and brings all aspects of the physical sciences together. It contributes to our everyday lives including foods you eat, the air you breathe and the cleaning chemicals you use. So, if you’re thinking about gaining an A-Level in Chemistry here’s 3 reasons why you should:

Gain entry into university

If you’re looking to go onto a Chemistry related degree, then an A-Level in Chemistry is perfect for you. This course can help you achieve up to 56 UCAS points for entry into university. Just what you need to kick-start your career as a pharmacologist, chemical engineer, forensic scientist.

Opens a wide range of opportunities

Studying an A-Level in Chemistry can provide you with a heap of career benefits and opportunities. There are a range of career paths you can go into including: zoology, engineering, law, medicine and many more.  Studying Chemistry also enables you to develop crucial employability skills including researching, problem solving and analysing.

Boost your knowledge

Chemistry is a fascinating subject. Have you ever wondered how ice floats? How sunscreen protects our skin? Or why cutting onions makes us cry? Then you’ll learn the science behind all that in our A-Level course. You will be able to challenge yourself in a range of different topics including: bonding, kinetics, alkanes and more!
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Sharnie Carter

3 Reasons to study A-Level Chemistry