11 things to do in lockdown

As we have entered a second lockdown, people across the UK will now be plunged into a month of staying indoors with an abundance of free time.  Many of us spent the first lockdown in front of the TV watching Netflix or getting involved in the countless Tiger King ‘Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?’ polls. Don't worry, you're not alone! The reality is that most of us didn’t know how to spend our extra free time with everything being closed and starting to work from home.

If you are sat here now dreading lockdown 2.0 then we thought we’d collate a list of ideas of things to do in lockdown to help you pass time and spend it wisely.


A number of us probably haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle since we were at nursery, but in the first lockdown, jigsaws became pretty popular. Join the latest craze and order yourself a few puzzles. It’s the perfect thing to do after a long day at work, it helps switch your brain off work and concentrate on something else and is excellent for training your brain.

Stick a podcast on or your favourite album and get stuck into a jigsaw puzzle. Make it more fun by getting a themed puzzle of your favourite programme or film. You don’t have to do this alone, if you live with others, it’s a good activity to do together!


Most of us probably spent some part of the first lockdown organising a room in the house or having a wardrobe clear out. If this has now become cluttered and un-organised as everything started to open back up again, get back on the organising! Organising makes us feel good and often determined to be productive. Organise anything; your toiletries, your food cupboards, your playstation games. Watch The Home Edit on Netflix or Marie Kondo for inspiration!

Study a course

Is there a course you always wanted to study? An A Level you never took or a subject area you were always interested in but never pursued? Lockdown is the perfect time to learn something new! Perhaps there is a course you can do to boost your career, or a completely new subject you are interested in?

There's never a better time to study, and the best part is you won't get fear of missing out (FOMO) as everyone else is in lockdown too and there is plenty of time to stay in, revise and focus on your future self.


You don't have to be an avid writer to write. Writing helps us stay creative and can also help us with our thoughts and feelings. Journal, write poetry, make up a story or have a go at a childrens book. It doesn't have to be for anyone, you could just write a short novel for your family to read.

Learn an instrument

Is there an instrument you've always been curious about trying? Now is your chance. Buy a cheap ukele online, dust off that piano sitting in your living room or search for your old primary school recorder!

Learning to play an instrument keeps our mind busy and the more you progress, the more you have feel a sense of achievement.

It can also help with setting yourself small goals throughout this second lockdown period as you can set yourself a task of learning a specific song or piece of music. Playing an instrument can also help us relax!


Reading is a must. We all need to take a break from our screens every once in a while, no matter how easy it is to stick on Netflix and zone out.

Even if you're not really into novels, find a good autobiography or self help book and absorb the words on the page. It's not that hard, you're doing it now if you've got this far into the article!

Binge a box set

Completely contradicting the suggestion above, but it is also ok to zone out, particularly if you've had a long day at work. Find a good box set on whichever streaming service you use and cuddle up with a hot drink and a blanket and binge away!

Clear out

Dare we say it, but with christmas around the corner it's time for out with the old, in with the new. If you avoided a clearout during the first lockdown, or if like many of us, you ordered far too much stuff online as a 'treat', it's time to sort your cupboards out.

Don't be wasteful, try selling online on marketplace or contact-free 'free to pick up' on sites like Gumtree. Of course, we'd always advocate donating to charities too, just check their lockdown rules first.

Take a walk

We cannot stress this enough. Excersise plus fresh air is very important for your general mental health and wellbeing. No matter how cold it is, put on that wooly hat and scarf and brave outside, its vital during this time.

Get creative

Why not start a new creative hobby? Many people turned to knitting, crotchet or drawing in the last lockdown and even starting selling some of their creations to friends, family and others! It's a brilliant way to bring in a little extra money and also something creative to occupy your mind.

We hope this lockdown isn't as bad as the last and this list gives you plenty of ideas to pass your time during this period, which is difficult for many.

Remember always to keep in touch with friends, family and neighbours, look after your mental health and never, ever be hard on yourself. You don't have to be 'productive' during this time, we don't mind if all you decide to do is binge watch TV throughout lockdown 2.0!

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11 things to do in lockdown