Why study a distance learning course?

So you want to return to studying, but the traditional study route isn’t for you. Here at Open Study College we understand that. Perhaps you’re working full time and can’t commit to attending a regular class. Maybe you’re a new parent, looking for a more flexible career to suit family life. Alternatively, you could be keen to progress quickly and study at a faster pace in order to become qualified more quickly.

Distance learning is an ideal alternative for people who want to study in their own way - whenever and wherever that may be

With distance learning you study remotely; without being tied down to a physical location or timescale. You will receive everything you need to study your chosen course directly from Open Study College, and then have the freedom to set your own learning schedule to fit your lifestyle.
Don’t be put off by the term “distance learning”. While it does mean there is no face to face element involved in the study, we’re still with you every step of the way! Because distance learning courses are what we do, we have a dedicated team of individuals who can guide you through the whole process – student advisers to help you choose the right course,  dedicated tutors who are on hand for unlimited help, knowledge, grading and feedback throughout the duration of your course, and a learner services team to help with everything in between.

How does a distance learning course with OSC work?

As mentioned above, distance learning courses are generally chosen by people who don’t want to go down the traditional study route. So, what’s the process?

Step 1 - choose your course

At Open Study College we pride ourselves on offering a range of courses and qualifications which will educate and empower people to start or further their career. You might already know which course is right for you; if so that’s great! If you need a little bit more information around qualifications, accreditations, and career progression then don’t hesitate to ask. Our friendly student adviser team will be happy to chat through your option to make sure you’re starting on the right path for you. Alternatively, browse through our prospectus to see what’s on offer.

Step 2 - choose a payment option

Not everyone can or wants to pay for their course fees in one up front lump sum. That’s ok! We offer flexible finance options to suit your circumstances, making our courses more accessible for more people. Remember you’re investing in your future, so a financial outlay now could reap the benefits further down the line.
To find out more about our finance options check out the course information on the website or give us a call on 03300 563100 to discuss.

Step 3 - enrol and receive your course materials

You can enrol on your chosen course in one of two ways; either online or by telephone. If you have all the information you need and are good to go, enrol online via our website. We won’t bother you with any follow up calls unless there’s any issue with your enrolment.
Prefer to speak to someone? That’s great! Once again, our student adviser team are on hand to talk you through the enrolment process; taking all your personal details including payment information.
Great news! You’re now an Open Study College student. Welcome to a forward thinking, flexible and independent way of studying towards your next career move. You’ll receive your study materials by online or post, depending on your personal preference.

We want to be part of your success

It's important to us that you get the very most from studying a with Open Study College, so if there’s anything you need, at any point, just ask!
Give us a call on 03300 563100 or get in touch through our website.
In the meantime, browse over 550 courses, and start your journey towards where you want to be.

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Why study a distance learning course?