Fitness student and mum Debbie sets up her own business

Mum of three and fitness student, Debbie, recently completed fitness and nutrition courses from home with Open Study College. As a mum, Debbie needed a flexible way of studying that she could fit around her busy lifestyle. Debbie chose the distance learning route and after successfully completing her courses, she set up her own fitness […]

Sophia's story: studying a gel nail course from home

“The support from Open Study College and my tutor has been fantastic.” – Sophia, 37, Cornwall Upon completing her gel nails course, Sophia explains that distance learning has been perfect for her in so many ways, including being able to study around her busy family life. She also expresses how she’s excited to get stuck […]

Why Marjorie studied a World War 1 course

“OSC provided me with a course that didn’t bog me down with exams to make me feel fed up when I don’t need them. I’m doing this course purely and simply because I want to.” Marjorie, 80, Lincolnshire Marjorie is a mature student with Open Study College and has recently completed the World War 1 […]

How A Level Maths is broadening Sophie's horizon

“Distance learning opens the door to endless possibilities.” Sophie, 28, Oxford Currently studying A Level Maths with Open Study College, Sophie explains that distance learning is perfectly suited to their current studying needs and explains the number of factors that have led them to this learning path. “This is my first course with Open Study […]

How an Access to Higher Education course helped Kacie's nursing career

“When it comes to Access to HE, if, like me, you left school with no A Levels but then changed your mind and decided that you do want to go to university, then remember this course, as it’s a qualification accepted all by itself.” Kacie, 22, North London Kacie’s dream is to be a nurse […]

Yesha's distance learning experience

“I have young kids to look after, however, I feel I am not limited to working on my personal growth thanks to distance learning and really wanted to prove that I could still achieve and grow academically!” Yesha, 39, London With young children to take care of, Yesha decided that the best way to continue […]

How distance learning A Levels are helping Hunter achieve their goals

“I currently live in Guatemala City and the A Level education I require is not available here, so I had to find a different way to continue my education. The answer has been to learn with Open Study College.” – Hunter, 18, Guatemala Hunter is a new student, having just started their distance learning journey […]

Emma's story: becoming a teaching assistant

“My ambition was always to get my teaching assistant qualification. I never, ever thought I’d do this, but I have thanks to the amazing support I received from OSC!” Emma, 35, Lake District Emma has just completed her first-ever distance learning course with Open Study College and is eagerly awaiting her results as her coursework […]

Marion's story: fulfilling her counselling dream!

“Counselling is one of the newer Open Study College subjects, and their flexibility and support has helped me to fulfill my dream to complete a course such as this!”  Marion, 52 Having already successfully completed the Counselling Level 2 course via distance learning with Open Study College, Marion has decided to study a Counselling Level […]

Felix-Tazzy balances studying with volunteering

“I needed something that could work around my two volunteer jobs and this Open Study College course does just that!” Felix-Tazzy, 24, Hartlepool Felix-Tazzy is currently completing a short course with Open Study College. Understanding the Holocaust is his first distance learning course; talking about how he’s fitting his studies around a few part time […]