5 benefits of studying online

With the country facing a hugely uncertain time, many of us are now starting to adjust to life at home seven days a week! A number of people are unable to work and many of you will be home schooling for the first time.

If you're starting to get frustrated or looking for something to occupy your mind whilst this uncertainty continues, studying for a course online is the perfect way to make use of your time.

With Open Study College, studying online has never been easier. Here are five benefits to studying online:

Study at your own pace

With many online courses, there are no strict deadlines. This means that you can study for your course in as much or as little time as you like. With no deadlines or timetabling to contend with, studying online will enable you to learn at your own pace.

This means that whilst you are staying at home, you could potentially complete a course within this timeframe and have a new skill added to your CV!

Learn anywhere

Not having to attend a traditional classroom means you will be able to study at home, or pretty much anywhere for that matter! As your materials will be online you will be able to take them anywhere you go.

So whether thats in your living room, your garden or of course the study, as long as you have access to the internet - you can study for your course.

Never lose or damage your materials

Sometimes accidents do happen...

You spill that morning cup of coffee over coursework, or your kids get hold of your papers and start to use them as a practice canvas for their 'art'.

As your course materials are online you can never lose or damage them. Your coursework is also submitted online so you don't need to worry about your impotant papers getting ruined.

Tutor support by email

Our expert tutors have always been working remotely across the country, so their work isn't affected and they can still continue to deliver you deliver you a high level of support.

You will receive excellent tutor support by email, so help is only a click away!

Any questions you may have about your course, pop them across to your tutor in an email and they will respond.

You will be able to send your work to them at any time, which saves you the hassle of printing or handing your work in person – you don’t even need to leave the house!


We have a variety of online courses ranging from child care to event management, so whether you are looking to upskill whilst you are off work or you want to learn a new skill, there is a course to suit you.

We also offer a selection of levels and qualifications, so your not limited.

Choosing the perfect course for you is easy and stress-free! Talk to one of our friendly advisers who are working remotely today on 03300 563100 for more information about our online courses!
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5 benefits of studying online