How To Study A Home Learning Course

A qualification can be the difference between getting your dream job and staying stuck in an employment rut!

Study for your recognised qualification, without the restrictions of traditional college. Choose when and where to study and take as long as you need*!

We only work with independent, recognised award bodies to develop courses that lead to a powerful qualification.

Over 40,000 students have enrolled with Open Study College because we are one of the best, most respected home learning colleges in the UK!

Trusted qualifications

All of our courses are independently accredited from long-established awarding organisations with qualifications such as BTEC, NVQ, and A-Level. It's easier to get a job when you have an employer recognised qualification.

Each independent award body perform detailed, rigorous checks to ensure our courses meets their high standards.

Study from home, at your own pace

If you struggle to find time to study every day at a traditional college, a home learning course is an ideal solution. Over 40,000 people have studied with us from home and enjoyed full support from a tutor.

You'll study whenever you want, at your own pace. There are no strict deadlines (you'll have up to a year and most of our courses require 80 hours of study- that's around 1 hour and a half a week).

You could complete your course in 2 weeks or 12 months- it's up to you.

Your tutor is ready to help throughout your course

Learning from home doesn't mean that you are on your own- you still have full support from a tutor. Our tutors help you every step of the way, you can contact them as regularly as you want.

Accredited education from home- no experience necessary

It doesn't matter how experienced you are, we have the right course to help you improve your skills.

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A quality distance learning experience with a free NUS Extra Card & CV writing service

After you've passed your course, you can use our CV writing expertise to improve your chances of finding a job.

This is a free service open to all successful Open Study College students, it is unavailable elsewhere.

We also offer a free NUS Extra card to all students, because we understand the importance of offering the full student experience.

Why enrol with us?

  • Over 40,000 students have enrolled with us
  • Trusted independent qualifications
  • Study from home, at your own pace
  • Full support from your tutor
  • FREE NUS Extra Card
  • FREE CV writing service

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  • Over 40,000 students enrolled with us
  • Trusted qualifications
  • Study from home, at your own pace
  • Full support from your tutor
  • Easy to understand course materials
  • FREE NUS Extra Card
  • FREE CV Writing Service

How it works

  • Enrol online today
  • Course delivered to your door
  • Follow your study guide
  • Your tutor helps you all the way
  • Send in your work by post or email

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