Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?

Many people often want to start their own business but never have the courage, resources or knowledge to do so. And many never know what industry to start a business in.
But that’s the beauty of it… it can be in ANYTHING you want!
If there is something you are passionate about, then you should grab it with both hands and start your business with that. You know what they say…

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”

Now if it was as easy as that, then everyone would own their own business; there are certain things that people need to get their business ideas off the starting block.
Here are a few key steps to help get you started:

Research your industry

Knowing your industry is vital when starting your own business.
You need to know how to do what it is you are doing, who your main competitors are and the type of audience you will be appealing to.
This will help you make a clear plan of action and make it easier in the long-run.

Make a Plan

Diving in head-first is never going to work. You need to have some previous knowledge and research on:

  • What type of business you want to start
  • Where you are going to start
  • Where you want to get to

Having a researched plan will make thing easier when you want to begin; your choices will be well thought out and you can always adapt the plan to accommodate any new ideas you may have along the way.

Be the best you can be

In order to succeed in your industry, you need to be the best at what you do (or at least one of the best with a great marketing strategy…)
And that’s where we come in…
Studying with Open Study College can boost your skills and improve your career prospects. You may decide to study your specialism itself or a general, detailed course on starting your own business – either way, we have got you covered.
Our Starting Your Own Business Level 3 course is a perfect place to start. It covers the basics of starting a business from planning to marketing and customers.
Alternatively, we have combined courses that include both information on the industry and how to start a business. For example:

There are loads to choose from!
Check out our website or give or Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100 to discuss your options today!

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Sharnie Carter

Passionate about marketing and education. Currently studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing via distance learning. When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending time with my young son and husband or hinching!

Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?