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IGCSE English First Language

Course Code: IGCSE2

Course Overview

Pursue your studies in English, from home!

The IGCSE English First Language is an internationally renowned qualification that is recognised worldwide by universities, schools and employers as equivalent in status and academic rigour to a UK GCSE.

As well as providing an excellent knowledge base in English language the IGCSE English course is ideal for:

  • Students who are planning to study English at A-Level
  • Those aspiring to achieve a career involving English such as journalism, copy writing, teaching or editing

The IGCSE English First Language course enables you to:

  • Learn how to communicate clearly through effective speech and writing
  • Develop your analytical skills, your ability to apply communication skills and the knowledge to present opinions successfully
  • Discover your personal style and adapt to the audience that is being addressed
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification for further studies in English at A-Level and BTEC Level
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Course Content

  • Specification: CIE 0500

    Section 1: The Course Specification
    • The IGCSE First Language English Syllabus code 0500
    • The examinations – p. 15
    • Registering with a centre as a Private Candidate
    • Grade descriptions
    • A Work Schedule
    • The Papers
    Section 2: Getting Started
    • 2.1 Common errors
    • 2.2 Punctuation rules and conventions
    • 2.3 Spelling
    • 2.4 Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs
    • 2.5 Sentence structure
    • 2.6 Paragraphing
    • 2.7 Presentation of essays
  • Section 3: Paper 2 Reading Passages
    • 3.1 Analysing a passage
    • 3.2 Writing to review
    • 3.3 Writing to comment
    • 3.4 Different types of texts
      • Letter
      • Report
      • Journal
      • Speech
      • Interview
      • Newspaper Report
      • Magazine Article
    • 3.5 Terms you need to know
    • 3.6 Newspapers
    • 3.7 Audience
    • 3.8 Purpose
    • 3.9 Layout
    • 3.10 Language
    • 3.11 Writing a summary
    Section 4: Paper 3 Directed Writing and Composition
    • 4.1 Planning
    • 4.2 Writing to inform
    • 4.3 Writing to explain
    • 4.4 Writing to describe
    • 4.5 Writing a story
    • 4.6 Writing to discuss
    • 4.7 Writing to persuade
    • 4.8 Writing to advise
    Section 5: Past Papers
    Section 6: Tips for Taking the Exams
    Section 7: Further Reading
    Section 8: Passages for Tutor Marked Assignments
    Section 9: Tutor Marked Assignments

Other Information

  • Assessment

    To achieve an IGCSE in English First Language you will be assessed across the 9 sections. All sections will be assessed by 2 paper-based examination. A more detailed breakdown of the assessment details is provided below:

    • Paper: Paper 2 Reading Passages (Extended)
    • Type: Written examination
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Weighing: 50% of the IGCSE
    • Total Marks: 50
    • Assessed: Content from section 3
    • Assessment type: Three questions on two passages
    • Paper: Paper 3 Directed Writing and Composition (Core and Extended)
    • Type: Written examination
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Weighing: 50% of the IGCSE
    • Total Marks: 50
    • Assessed: Content from section 4
    • Assessment type: One question on a passage(s) and a composition task
    • Although you are assessed formally by examination, you will also be required to submit tutor-marked assignments. These are designed to help you and monitor your progress.
    Course Duration

    You will have 12 months to complete the full IGCSE English First Language course from the date you receive your materials. You will be able to study at your own pace and in your own time without the pressure of tight deadlines.

  • Study Method

    This course enables you to study for an IGCSE in English First Language by distance learning at home or at work. Your course materials will be sent online or by post, so receiving your materials is easy and hassle-free. Full tutor support will be available via email, so help is only a click away!

    Course Outcome

    Upon successful completion of this home learning course you will receive an IGCSE in English First Language.

    The IGCSE is recognised by universities, schools and employers around the world as an international equivalent to a UK GCSE. It is awarded by Cambridge International.

    It serves as ideal preparation for follow-up courses, such as A/AS Level, the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), US Advanced Placement Programme and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

course questions & answers

Is this the same qualification as a GCSE from a school or college?

Yes! IGCSE’s are equivalent to GCSE’s. The only difference is that the course is designed to be studied from home, you receive full tutor support via email and they are internationally recognised.

What skills are needed to enrol onto this course?

You do not need any previous knowledge to enrol onto this course. However, English must ideally be your first language.

What is included in the cost of the course?
  • Dedicated personal tutor support
  • Dedicated student support
  • Accreditation
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • FREE NUS Extra card worth £12.00
  • FREE CV writing service
  • *Comprehensive study guide
  • *Exclusive Open Study College Pen
  • *Student study planner
  • *Three colour highlighter
  • *Student notebook
  • *Document wallet
  • * Not included with the online study option

Is there a required reading list?

No extra reading is required for the completion of this course.

Do I have to sit an exam?

You will need to take the official IGCSE examinations in order to fully complete this course. It is your responsibility to book and pay for these yourself. You can find out more about where to sit your examinations by visiting the Cambridge International Examinations website.

Students are required to take full responsibility for making arrangements with their chosen test centre.

Are there any additional costs?

You will be required to pay for your exams and fees to take your exams at the examining centre that you choose.

What if I live outside the UK?

You are still able to study this IGCSE course, but must take the examinations within the UK, as this is the only guaranteed way to access exam centres.

What do i do if i still have questions?

For further information please contact us.

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