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A-Level Government and Politics

Course Code: BA128

Course Overview

Study A-Level Government and Politics from home – your route to academic success!

This new A-Level course has been updated to meet the latest academic specifications, so you can feel confident you are studying the most up-to-date academic content.

On this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain up to 56 UCAS points to help you land your dream place at university
  • Study at your own pace with no strict deadlines to contend with

Studying A-Levels with us lets you choose when you take your exams, so that you are always fully prepared. A convenient and stress-free way to study that fits around your existing commitments.

Simply receive your course materials online or by post and start studying to gain that all-important A-Level.

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Course Content

  • AQA qualification code: 2150

      AS Level:

    Unit 1:People, Politics and Participation
    • Participation and voting behaviour
    • Electoral systems
    • Political parties
    • Pressure groups and protest movements
    Unit 2:Governing Modern Britain
    • The British constitution
    • Parliament
    • The core executive
    • Multi-level governance
  •   A2 Level:


    Unit 3:The Politics of the USA
    • The electoral process and direct democracy
    • Political parties
    • Voting behaviour
    • Pressure groups
    Unit 4:The Government of the USA
    • The constitutional framework of US government
    • The legislative branch of government: US Congress
    • The executive branch of government
    • The judicial branch of government: the supreme court

Other Information

  • Assessment

    To achieve the full Government and Polittics  A-Level you will be assessed across the 4 units. All units will be assessed by four paper-based examinations and coursework. A more detailed breakdown of the assessment details is provided below:

    • Paper 1: People, Politics and Participation – GOVP1
    • Type: Written examination
    • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Assessed: Unit 1
    • Paper 2: Governing Modern Britain -GOVP2
    • Type: Written examination
    • Duration: 1 hour 30 Minutes
    • Assessed: Component Unit 2
    • Paper 3: The Politics of the USA – GOV3A
    • Type: Written examination
    • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Assessed: Unit 3
    • Paper 4: The Government of the USA – GOV4A
    • Type: Written examination
    • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Assessed: Unit 4
    • Please note: The last exams for this course are in 2018.
    Course Duration

    You will have 2 years to complete the full A-Level from the date you receive your materials. You will be able to study at your own pace and in your own time without the pressure of tight deadlines.

  • Study Method

    This course enables you to study for an A-Level in Government and Politics by distance learning at home or at work. Your course materials will be sent by post or via email, you choose! Full tutor support will be available via email, so help is only a click away! Your course pack will include self-assessment exercises and tutor-marked study questions, so you can monitor your progress.

    Course Outcome

    Upon successful completion of this home learning course you will receive an A-Level in Government and Politics (AS/A2) issued by AQA. Both AS and A2 level courses and examinations must be successfully completed to gain a full A level. We have chosen this syllabus as it is the best suited to distance learning. The last exams for this course are in 2018. 

course questions & answers

Is this the same qualification as an A-Level from a school or college?

Yes! You study the same coursework, take the same examinations and get the same qualification. The only difference is that the course is designed to be studied from home, and you receive full tutor support via email.

What skills are needed to enrol onto this course?

You do not require any previous knowledge to enrol on this course, however, a GCSE in History or a related subject may be beneficial.

What is included in the cost of my course?
  • Dedicated personal tutor support
  • Dedicated student support
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • FREE NUS Extra card worth £12.00
  • FREE CV writing service
  • *Comprehensive study guide
  • *Exclusive Open Study College Pen
  • *Student study planner
  • *Three colour highlighter
  • *Student notebook
  • Not included with the online study option
Is there a recommended reading list?

We recommend the following text books to help you with your studies, however, they are not essential for completion of the course:

  • British Politics in Focus, Roy Bentley et al, 2004.
  • American Politics and Society, David McKay, 2005.
  • The European Union and British Politics, Andrew Geddes, 2003.

Textbooks can be purchased from most good booksellers.

Do I have to sit an exam?

Yes, you will need to take the standard A-Level examinations in order to fully complete this course. The examinations run on specific dates, which can be obtained by visiting the AQA website. You will be required to book and pay for these examinations yourself; however, we can provide a list of A-Level test centres around the country to help you with this.

Are there any additional costs?

You may want to purchase textbooks to supplement your course, but this is entirely optional. You will be required to pay for your exams and fees to take your exams at the examining centre that you choose.

What if I live outside the UK?

You are still able to study this A-Level course but must take the examinations within the UK as this is the only guaranteed way to access examination centres.

What do i do if i still have questions?

For further information please contact us.

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Reviews For This Course

  • Course Rating

    "I was impressed at the clarity and detail"

    - David Lakin, Cymmer

    On a positive note, I was impressed at the clarity and detail of the course. This way, I can study the course at my own pace, and let the information sink in before moving on to the next topic. I have out the bag, mouse mat and pen to good use, and I am getting on with my tutor just fine. It's useful that the TMAs are in the same format as the questions in the exam, and this makes it easier to practice them and prepare for what the exam might contain.

    On problem, however, is the NUS Card. I don't think that I was sent any details concerning how to get it. I've tried on the NUS website, and it insists that I have to pay £12 for it. This is the only thing that prevents me from giving 5 out of 5. Everything else is fine!

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