Foot Health Training course

How you can become a foot health practitioner with 2 weeks of practical training

Study theory online, practical training at our centre

Did you know that each step you take places two and a half times your own body weight on your foot?

That’s a lot of pressure on the 26 bones in your foot, so it’s important to take good care of them.

That’s where a Foot Health Practitioner comes in.

What is a foot health practitioner?

A Foot Health Practitioner is a private sector specialist who keeps clients’ feet in top condition. Whether trimming nails or treating calluses, corns, warts and fungal infections- a practitioner deals with all of these problems and knows how to keep feet healthy.

It’s a skilled clinical profession and that’s why we offer courses combining theoretical work that you can study from home, with practical training from a practising Podiatrist at our facility near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

In partnership with AFHPA (The Advanced Foot Health Practitioner Academy), we provide a Diploma in Advanced Foot Health Practice to enable you to work towards this worthwhile career.

AFHPA are one of the UK’s leading organisations for Podiatry and Orthopaedic health.

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Theory coursework- study from home, at your own pace

It’s important to get a solid understanding of the theoretical knowledge of foot health before moving on to the practical section. Our home study modules can be completed at a leisurely pace and you’ll enjoy complete support from your tutor by email.

Meet our award-winning tutor - Caroline Wren

Practical training at a purpose built foot health centre

When you have completed your theory work, you’ll gain valuable practical training and experience from a practising Podiatrist. And because we keep our classes small, you’ll be closely supervised and tutored.

This will take place the Foot Health Clinic in the Quayside of Blyth.

The practical elements of this course include:

  • Observing field work
  • Working with the latest facilities and equipment
  • Attending lectures by professional guest speakers
  • Business support on how to set up your own business

Our smaller class sizes help you receive a higher standard of training and a far more personal experience on our practical training than on any others.

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