RHS Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Garden Planning Establishment and Maintenance

Course code: OSC1337
Recognised by the Chartered Institute of Horticulture
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Understand the principles of garden planning establishment and maintenance from home!

  • Understand the principles of selecting plans, garden features and planning.
  • Learn more about choosing, establishing and maintaining plants and lawns.
  • Study protected environments and structures.
  • Develop your knowledge how to select a suitable site and grow vegetables and fruit outdoors.
Course Overview

Whether you’re a keen amateur gardener, thinking of a career change, or want to go further with your gardening business, you can now gain the knowledge of gardening and horticulture you need for success.

All of the materials will be delivered to you by post or online, so it couldn’t be easier. Our experienced and friendly tutors are always a click away by email, giving you advice and helping you through your course.

Course Duration

Up to 1 year.

Study Hours

Approximately 156 hours.

Course Outcome

You will receive an RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.


4 exams.

Course Content
  • Recording and carrying out garden surveys
  • Carrying out site appraisals and recording data
  • Principles of garden planning and what contributes to a good design
  • Characteristics of garden design styles
  • Hard landscaping materials and their effective uses
  • Soft landscaping materials and their effective uses
  • Key elements and incorporating them into a design
  • Safe and environmentally sensitive/sustainable development of garden sites and its importance
  • Choosing, establishing and maintenance of plants for seasonal display
  • Choosing and growing herbaceous perennial plants and bulbs for display
  • Choosing, establishing and maintaining woody plants for display
  • Choosing and growing alpine and rock garden plants
  • Planting and maintenance of a garden pool
  • The establishment and maintenance of lawns
  • Selecting sites for outdoor food production in a garden or allotment
  • Cultural operations used in producing outdoor food crops
  • Vegetable crop production and its principles
  • Top and soft fruit production in a garden or allotment
  • Protected structure in growing plants and their uses
  • Environments provided by protected structures
  • Structural and cladding materials used for protected structures
  • Environmental control in protected structures
  • Container and growing media types uses for production and display in protected environments
  • The protected environment and its horticultural uses
  • Care of plants in interior situations