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CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist

Course Code: DLC007

Course Overview

Develop your knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3, from home!

The CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist Course is the first course to be released from the new CIW Web and Mobile Design Professional Series.

This course will allow you to:

  • Boost your skills in HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript Programming
  • Gain the knowledge you need to prepare you for the CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 Examination
  • Build up your manual coding skills to an advanced level
  • This course is perfect for Web designers, internet consultants, IT professionals, marketing professionals, web and graphic artists and business professionals
  • Demonstrate advanced uses of the canvas element and Implement HTML5 APIs
  • Understand how to implement JavaScript to create interactive pages and validate HTML5 code

With no strict deadlines and timetabling to contend with you can study at your own pace. You will work on an online learning platform, meaning you can learn anywhere with an internet connection.

Join over 50,000 people that have studied with us and enrol with us today. Home learning couldn’t be easier!

Enrol now and receive a £25 gift voucher towards your next course.

Course Content

  • HTML5 Essentials
    • Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
    • Migration to Mobile Devices
    • The Web Development Trifecta
    • The Evolution of HTML5
    • HTML5 Structure Elements
    • Validating HTML5 Code
    • The video Element
    • The audio Element
    • HTML5 APIs
    Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Technology
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Style Guides
    • CSS and HTML
    • CSS Terms and Syntax
    • Applying CSS Styles
    • Page Layout with CSS
    • CSS Positioning Schemes
    • The CSS Box Model
    Introduction to CSS Version 3 (CSS3)
    • Introduction to CSS3
    • CSS3 Selectors and Properties
    • CSS3 Background Properties
    • CSS3 Border Properties
    • CSS3 Font Properties
    • CSS3 Text Effects
    Using Advanced CSS3 Techniques
    • Introduction to Advanced CSS3 Techniques
    • CSS3 2D and 3D Transformations
    • CSS3 Transitions
    • CSS3 Animations
    • CSS3 User Interfaces
    • Creating Menus and Buttons with CSS3
    Introduction to JavaScript
    • HTML5 and JavaScript
    • Introduction to Scripting
    • JavaScript Characteristics
    • JavaScript vs. Other Languages
    • Embedding JavaScript into HTML5 Documents
    • JavaScript and Common Programming Concepts
    • Objects, Properties and Methods
    • Variables
    • Expressions and Operators
  • JavaScript Events, Functions and Methods
    • User Events and JavaScript Event Handlers
    • Introduction to JavaScript Functions
    • Defining a Function
    • Calling a Function
    • Methods as Functions
    • Errors in JavaScript
    Using HTML5 APIs
    • Introduction to HTML5 APIs
    • Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Common HTML5 APIs
    • The Canvas API
    • The Offline AppCache API
    • The Geolocation API
    • The Drag-and–Drop API
    • The File API
    • The History API
    • Retrieving Data with XMLHttpRequest
    • Manipulating Data with jQuery
    Developing HTML5 Forms
    • Introduction to HTML5 Forms
    • Cross-Browser Compatible HTML5 Forms
    • HTML5 Form Input Types
    • New Form Elements in HTML5
    • HTML5 Global Attributes for Form Elements
    Completing, Submitting and Validating User Input Forms
    • Improving Forms with HTML5
    • HTML5 Attributes for the form element
    • HTML5 Attributes for the input element
    • Submitting Forms with the button element
    • Concepts and Techniques for Validating User Input
    • Validating User Input with HTML5 Attributes
    • Validating User Input with JavaScript
    Designing for Mobile Devices
    • Introduction to Mobile Design
    • Mobile Web Sites vs. Mobile Apps
    • Designing Web Sites for Mobile Devices
    • Page Layout for Mobile Devices
    • Navigation and Hyperlinks for Mobile Devices
    • Images and Mobile Design
    • Validating and Testing Mobile Web Pages
    • Responsive Web Design

Other Information

  • Assessment

    This course will help prepare you for your CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 Examination in the following ways:

    • Online exercises - flash cards, matching exercises, true-false questions, crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blank exercises
    • Practice exams
    • Mastery Questions
    • Student files
    • Movie clips

    In order to gain the full qualification you will be required to sit the CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 Examination. The exam lasts for 75 minutes and contains 55 questions testing your knowledge of the study content. You will need to achieve 73% or over in order to pass your exam.

    Please note: You are responsible for booking and paying for your exam at your chosen exam centre.

    Course Duration

    You may start at any time and have a full year from enrolment to complete your studies. This is more than enough time to give you flexibility and work at your own pace without the pressure of deadlines. This course has approximately 100 hours self-study time.

  • Study Method

    You will study this course through distance learning, which means you can learn at a time and place to suit you. You will study this course online and you will receive support by email, so help is only a click away!

    Course Outcome

    On successful completion of this course you will be able to apply for the internationally recognised CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 Examination. You must pass the examination with 73% or more in order to gain the qualification.

    The CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist Course is one of the seven courses that make up the CIW Web and Mobile Design Professional Series. Each course leads to an individual CIW exam. These are listed below along with their release date.

    • CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist (Available)
    • CIW User Interface Design Specialist (Available)
    • CIW Social Media Strategy Specialist (September 2016)
    • CIW Mobile Applications (October 2016)
    • CIW E-Commerce Specialist (Later 2016)
    • CIW Data Analyst (Available)
    • CIW Multimedia Specialist (Later 2016)

    Qualifying as a Certified CIW Web and Mobile Design Professional proves your aptitude and ability in the areas of web and mobile site design and e-commerce.

course questions & answers

What are the requirements for this course?

You will need to have completed CIW Site Development Associate section of the CIW Web Foundations series or have equivalent HTML and CSS coding knowledge in order to enrol onto this course.

What are the computer requirements for this course?

We recommend that you complete this course on a PC with a Windows Operating system. This course will work on an Apple Mac using software such as Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop 7, VMware fusion or CrossOver Mac, however we cannot support any issues that may occur with PC-Based software running on a Mac.

Is there a time limit for the completion of this course?

You have a year to complete this course from the start of your enrolment, giving you enough time to study at your own pace.

What is included in the cost of my course?
  • Online learning platform
  • Online Support
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • Dedicated student support
  • FREE NUS Extra card worth £12.00
  • FREE CV writing service
  • Movie clips
  • Practice exams
  • Online course review questions and exercises
  • Supplemental exercise files, appendix files, files for hands-on labs, and other resources
Do I have to sit an exam?

Yes, If you wish to take the CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist examination. It is your responsibility to pay and book this at your chosen exam centre. The internationally recognised CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 examination is currently £90.00 + VAT. Your exam must be sat at a registered Pearson Vue testing centre. You can locate testing centres and schedule examinations on the Pearson Vue Website.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. If you decide to sit the CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist 1D0-620 examination, you will be required to pay to take your exam at your chosen centre.

What do i do if i still have questions?

For further information please contact us.

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