Courses for Kids

We have an exciting range of courses for kids ideal for those aged from 9 to 17 years old delivered by a UK leader in extracurricular tech education! These courses are brilliant at challenging and improving young minds. Whether you have a budding music producer or a tech whizz, we have a course suited to help your child’s future.


If your child has a passion for tech and a thirst to learn more, these courses will enable them to develop skills they may not have a chance to at school. They spark creativity in your child and enable them to discover vital skills through practical learning.

Our range of courses will build confidence in children and improve their problem-solving skills.


As with all our courses at Open Study College, our kids tech courses are self-guided, perfect for a child to learn on their own terms. This means that they can go at a pace that suits them and don’t have to worry about keeping up with a school class.

The courses are all online meaning that children can access their course providing they have internet. Tutor support is available via email and telephone so they will never struggle or get stuck, there’ll always be someone on hand to help.


The course tutors are experts in tech and are also university students, so you can be confident your child has the best support throughout their course! All of them have a huge passion for their subject which ignites excitement in students learning.

Junior courses

We offer a number of starter courses aimed at younger kids aged 9-12. These are for complete beginners or tech enthusiasts and can really help your child get ahead in school, or learn more about a hobby, such as Minecraft. The courses are designed to be engaging and children are asked to create and make.

Senior courses

The senior courses are for the more advanced age range starting from 13-17 and will set children up with invaluable skills for their future careers. Kids will learn how to use media programmes used in many companies such as Python and Adobe Creative Suite. From their course, they will have a portfolio of project work they can either show friends or use in support of a university application.


Our kids courses are perfect if you are currently homeschooling. Although they are not curriculum-based, the courses are creative and engaging and will build upon vital skills needed for confidence building and spark creativity.

The subjects covered in our courses are also different and unique, therefore your child is more likely to be engaged and focused. Perfect for developing knowledge and skills not on the school curriculum.

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