Want to write a novel? Here's how to write fantastic fiction…

March 9, 2016

A novel is a long narrative story, which is normally in prose. They describe fictional characters and events and go into very fine detail.  Why not have a go at creating your own? Here are 5 tips on how to write a successful novel:

Interesting topic

What would you want to read the most? Think about what books you lose yourself in. Don’t come up with a story you’re not interested in yourself. Start by listing the types of books you like and that you can’t stop thinking about – even in your sleep! You will then have your ideal topic your novel should be based on.


Make sure you plan your novel before beginning to write it. This is so you can get all of your ideas on paper before you forget them. Planning your work will also prevent any mishaps. You should start by writing a one-sentence summary, this should summarise your novel and get to the point of what you want it to be about. Break down your plans into chapters and include the main points which will be included in each.

Your characters are important

Come up with a character that will surprise your audience and take your readers through unexpected directions. Give them a problem and make sure something important happens in every scene. To test if your novel does this summarise in a sentence what happens for each scene. If you can’t see that things are moving forward or if there aren’t enough twists and turns then change or cut them out.

Understand your audience

Not everyone will love your book, even if you think it’s a best seller! Understanding your audience will determine a lot of things. For instance the type of tone and storyline you choose.
How to identify your target audience:
• Think about what type of people the book would interest?
• Identify other books like yours and look at their main buyers/readers
• Pinpoint what is special about your book
• Determine some demographics

Stick with it!

As you are writing your novel you will have been tempted to give up thousands of times. As Confucius quotes “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”. You will get better and better and it will be worth it in the end!
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Want to write a novel? Here's how to write fantastic fiction…
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