World Teachers Day 2019 - the amazing teachers who inspired us

In honour of World Teachers' Day 2019 (5th October) we spoke to some of the OSC team to find out their memories of teachers who made an impression on them during their education.

Ms Patton

Marketing & PR Coordinator Sharnie remembers Ms Patton:

"My year 6 teacher was the kind of teacher who truly cared for every child in her class. All the kids in school loved her and were desperate to be in her class when they reached year 6. She was a wonderful teacher, who was passionate about sharing her love of reading with the class to encourage her pupils to read more at home. As a special class treat, we used to sit and listen to her read Harry Potter which we all loved. She really encouraged my love of reading. I have even returned to my old primary school to volunteer in her class several times since finishing secondary school. I really believe that we need more teachers like her in the world!"

Miss Gandy

Credit Controller Kerrijane loved Miss Gandy:

"My history teacher at Whitesmore school was like a Spice Girl to me! I was always fascinated when she spoke about subjects like the suffragettes or land girls. She was really feisty, and there was always a female empowerment message behind her lessons."

Mrs Rogers and Mr Sugars

Digital Content Executive Libby had two stand out teachers:
"I had so many wonderful teachers that inspired me throughout school, particularly in sixth form. I have to mention two of the best teachers who really made a difference in my school life. The first is my French teacher Mrs Rogers who never gave up on me when I was struggling through my French A Level. She would take time out of her lunch to support me. She was always there to listen when I needed to have a good cry, even though she was one of the busiest teachers in the school.
The second is my Drama teacher Mr Sugars who had the most creative brain. He had incredible vision and would put on the most unique and inspired school plays and inspired me to pursue Drama at university! He was also a complete character and a great laugh."

Tim Geoff

Education Administrator Jordan had a life changing experience with college tutor Tim Geoff:

"I was tested for dyslexia throughout school but the results always came back negative. Teachers would tell me I just needed to concentrate more. They explained that I couldn’t have a learning difficulty because of my high grades, and pushed any concerns to the side. When I started at college my tutor noticed something different in my assignments, and also that I used to suffer with regular headaches. He decided to put me forward to be tested for Irlen Syndrome, and I received a positive diagnosis. Irlen Syndrome is a specific type of perceptual problem that affects the way the brain processes visual information; resulting in distortions in the environment, distortions on printed paper, and some physical/behavioural symptoms. It is exacerbated by environmental factors such as lighting, brightness, glare, high contrast, patterns and colours.

After my diagnosis the college organised specific support like blue overlays, rest breaks on computer based work and extra time on my assignments. I was able to catch up with other students and achieve a DDM in my BTEC Level 2 in Health and Social Care. This meant that I was able to get my grade to go to Birmingham City University and start my degree.  Irlen Syndrome doesn’t affect me all the time but just knowing that someone cared enough to take the time and support me, matters."


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World Teachers Day 2019 – the amazing teachers who inspired us