Which student motivation profile are you?

Your motivation profile plays key part when studying. You need to stay interested in order to get your studying done. Different things get people excited and keep people focused. This can be measured by high quality task motivation or high quantity task motivation. So which best fits your personality?

The Worker: high quantity, low quality tasks

This type of motivation is needed for tasks that are exhausting, but are not particularly mentally challenging. An example of this is someone that has to move bricks for 40 hours a week with a wheel barrow and their hands. These people aren’t intellectually inferior. They will like accomplishing big tasks, were they can see a difference. They find this type of motivation more enjoyable than small and complicated problems that require them to think.

The Gamer: Low quantity, high quality tasks

Gamers love interesting mental challenges; some can even stay interested in one problem all night. They are motivated by high quality tasks that are very challenging. These people are very competitive and like to win; nothing is better than sweet victory. Gamers can spend up to several days on one problem and won’t back down. They like complexity and are fantastic problem solvers.
Situations where there are lots of work involved, makes gamers get distracted before finishing.

The Sleeper: low quantity, low quality tasks

The sleeper is known as being “laid-back”. They aren’t very competitive and don’t mind if they lose. They like fun tasks, but will find tasks requiring mental effort hard to complete. This may mean you need to change to you ways in order to increase motivation.

The Scholar: high quantity, high quality tasks

The scholar is a high motivated individual. They love to complete projects and achieve tasks. Even when the task is mentally draining these types of people just get on with it. With this attitude, the scholar normally achieves decent grades.
It is a great assessment to understand what profile best fits your personality. You can then work on to improve your motivation skills in order to help you when you study. So decide now, don’t leave it too late!

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Which student motivation profile are you?