What type of leader are you?

January 11, 2016

In order to lead people through change, you need to choose the best type of leadership to use. Take a look at the different leadership styles and see which one you would fall into when running a business. What type of leader are you?


A leader that is laissez-fare does not supervise employees directly and fails to provide their team with regular feedback. Employees would require little help and would be very skilled. This type of leader is very laid back and ‘mostly anything goes’.


Autocratic leaders make the decisions without including anyone else. No one challenges the decision made by the leader and employees are closely supervised. This type of leader is strict and focuses strongly on productivity.


A democratic leader allows its employees to participate in decision making, however the end decision is made by the leader. They will listen to their team and take on board thoughts and opinions. This leadership provides employees with a sense of belonging, but decision making can be time consuming.


A paternalistic leader acts as a fatherly or paternal figure to its team. The leader will guide and protect their employees like they are members of the same family. This type of leader provides good working conditions with the knowledge that their employees will work harder out of gratitude.
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What type of leader are you?
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