Top tips for using the internet for research

The internet is an amazingly powerful tool that can allow you access a wide range of information. You can literally find out about anything! But to get the best results you will need to know how to use the internet efficiently. Here are 4 top tips on the best ways for using the internet for research.

Be specific

You will only find exactly what you are looking for by being precise. If you're not specific you will have to look through a heap of searches just to find what you want - and this can be time consuming. So narrow your search down and get to the point!

Putting theory into practice

If you want to put your knowledge into practice why not conduct further research and watch video demonstrations. If you are studying our beauty course for example why not understand how to apply various treatments with videos from the internet. By conducting a simple search on YouTube will help discover how your theory knowledge fits in with actually doing it.

Share and learn with other students

Communicating and sharing information about your course with other students is a great way to understand more about your studies. If you come across something you are not sure of why not ask other students? You will then be able to overcome your difficulties and even help other people! Why not join a student forum? Or even contact other students via Open Study College’s Facebook?

Further research

Using more than one source is vital when carrying out your own research. Your tutors are looking to see that you have added credence to your writing and demonstrates that you have researched the subject thoroughly. This is also important if you want to achieve those higher grades – but remember you must reference in your work!
Don't forget your tutor is there to help you, so get in touch with them if you’re unsure about anything – however silly it may sound!

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Top tips for using the internet for research