Top 5 exam preparation techniques

Are your exams getting closer and closer? Do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere? Then take a look at how making a plan, summarising information and becoming familiar with the mark scheme can help you prepare for your exam. Here are 5 exam preparation techniques:

Research what you don’t understand

There’s nothing worse than having a question come up in your exam that you don’t know the answer to. So make sure you’re confident that you will be able to answer all questions – even if you only know the basic details. Go back through your notes and write down the things that you don’t understand and then do some research on it. Take a look here for top tips for using the internet for research. Don’t forget to ask your personal tutor if you’re unsure on anything.

Make a plan

Planning your study time is a great way to get organised and help you feel more relaxed. Sticking to a plan will allow you to avoid those late-night cramming sessions and those struggles to fit all your revision in. Find out how to make a study plan here.

Look at the mark scheme

Before you go into the exam make sure you take a thorough look at the marking scheme. It’s a great to know exactly what examiners are looking for and what to include in an answer. Completing mock past papers and marking your own exams is a perfect in becoming familiar with this.

Summarise information

If you can’t explain what you have learnt after each topic then you have not fully understood the information. After each page of your course materials get into the habit of summarising what it is about (roughly 5 bullet points will do). Don’t just read the information– make sure you understand it!

Prioritise your study time

If you want to achieve a good grade in your exam you should prioritise your study time. We know you may have other important commitments such as work and looking after children, but you should think about putting your study time before your social plans. Say no to meeting up with friends and concentrate on your studies.
Best of luck with your exams!

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Top 5 exam preparation techniques