The benefits of studying as a mature student: Why you’re never too old for university

October 21, 2019

Guest Post from QA.

Think you’re too old for university? Think again

If you’ve been away from education for a few years, it’s just natural to feel a bit worried about jumping back in.
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David Wilson, MSc student in Cyber Security “I haven’t been to university for 25 years so it’s been a fun challenge. One of the best things is that it’s been able to give me the confidence to carry out my role in my new organization.”
Mature student
A university degree can transform your life at any stage and as soon as you get over the initial apprehension and concern, you‘ll begin to see that the extra experience behind you can bring all manner of benefits going forward.
Here are some advantages of studying a Higher Education qualification as a mature student.

Wider experience

Mature students choose to return to education because they either want to improve their career prospects or explore something new entirely.
So, why should you consider studying a university course?
It could be that you have no passion for your current job, feel you are not making enough money or simply have the desire to study something you have always been fascinated with.

Whatever your reason – do something about it!
The life experiences you built up will be of extreme value during your studies. You will have picked up the kinds of life lessons that will not only help you envision where you want to be, but also help you to get there.

You know what you want

Each year, thousands of university students dive headfirst into the most random courses, simply because they had absolutely no idea what they wanted at the time.
.  Not only this, but thousands more graduate every year without a clue what to do with their qualifications.
mature student
As a mature student, you have already been on what is considered the ‘other side’ of further education. This means you know exactly what to expect once you have completed your course.
From gaining professional experience and job interviews to knowing what it takes to get by in the ‘real world’, you already have a blueprint for success – you just need to put it into action.

Employers applaud self-improvement

Another reason to consider returning to your education as an adult is the way in which employers value those who value their own development.
By making the bold decision to return to your education, you are demonstrating the fact that you wish to continue improving your knowledge, skills and competencies long-term – exactly the kind of motivation and attitude that resonate with employers.
Tom Welsh, MSc student in Cyber Security The Masters will change your life; it changes the way you think & it makes you question everything. If you do the part time course like I did you, you’ll fit it around work – it’s a win-win situation.”
mature student
Almost everyone completes at least a certain amount of standard education. Only those who are committed to their own development make the decision to return to education.
Why not go the extra mile and put your CV in the spotlight? Take the next steps to shape your future.

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The benefits of studying as a mature student: Why you’re never too old for university
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