Go from beginner to pro with our Cake Making course

Let’s admit it: we’re all partial to a fondant fancy every now and again.
And Open Study College are guilty of having one or two too many cake days in the office…
But that doesn’t make us experts.
Do you know your mirror glaze from your sugar icing?
How do you stop a cake mixture from splitting?
And could you state why each ingredient is vital in the cake?
…us neither!
But that could all change with our Cake Making course…

Why study a Cake Making course?

Where do we start…?

  • Never have to buy a birthday cake ever again
  • UNLIMITED supply of cake
  • Potentially apply for the next series of The Great British Bake Off
  • Impress your friends with your fancy decorating skills
  • Always prepared for school bake sales
  • New and fun hobby

…need we go on?
And if that’s not enough, what about the fact that hundreds of people are making careers out of the art of cake making?
Mary Berry?
Prue Leith?
Adriano Zumbo?
All successful due to their dab hand in the kitchen with a piping back and whisk.
You could be there, too!

Cake Making Level 2 course

Our level 2 Cake Making course is a great choice to get you off the ground.
It covers everything from the functions of cake ingredients to the correct equipment that you’ll need, and every kind of filling, topping and method you would need to make the best cakes you’ve ever seen.
In addition, you’ll be provided with your own personal tutor to assist you through the course, so you'll know that you are doing it correctly (because the professionals said so!)
Sound like your cup of tea?
Then head over to our website for a detailed overview of the course. Alternatively, call our Student Adviser team on 03300 563100 to enrol today!

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Go from beginner to pro with our Cake Making course