Top 5 Most Popular Beautician Jobs

Today is National Beautician Day.
Yep, that’s right. It’s a career so widely recognised and admired that it required its own day to be celebrated.
Sounds about right.
We all use a form of beautician for something in our lives; whether it be getting our nails done or having a wax to even buying supplies in the store. They are a larger part of our lives than we tend to realise.
But rather that just admiring the work of these skilled people, why not make it part of your own career too?
Whether you choose to do it on the side or as your main income, there is sure to be Beautician jobs that you love.

Top 5 Most Popular Beautician Jobs

Make-up Artist

In the generation of selfies and Instagram posts, we see the rise of makeup and makeup tutorials. Everyone wants to contour like Kim Kardashian but not everyone knows how. Being a make-up artist includes assessing clients and providing them with a relevant look, and could be anything from wedding make up to stage or even fancy dress.

Nail Technician

Again, a popular trend of the modern age; nail technicians are in high demand! From coffin nails to pointed nails to gems and glitter, nail technicians hold a repertoire of skills that turn the hands of the world into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Beauty Blogger

This is the most varied type of Beautician as you can choose to blog about anything and everything you choose. And if you’re thinking that this isn’t a viable career then you are mistaken. Bloggers can earn a full-time salary – with benefits – purely from expressing their love of make-up, beauty treatments, hair products and the like.


The less commercial side of beauty therapy, massage therapy is a great sector to work in. This can vary from head massage to full body massages and even specialise within

Freelance Beautician/Salon Owner

With your own skills and abilities, there will be no need to work for anyone else. You can choose to be freelance and work when and where you choose, offering beauty services. Or you could open up your own salon and let people come to you. The choice is yours.
Regardless of where you want to end up, we can help you get there. We have over 40 Beauty Therapy courses that could be the perfect start to your new career.
To celebrate National Beautician Day, we have chosen our favourite few and are offering them at a discounted rate. These include:
Beauty Salon Management Level 3
Warm Waxing with Practical Training
Facials - Short Course
Massage Level 3
Indian Head Massage with Practical Training including Anatomy and Physiology 
Body Massage with Practical Training
Special Occasion Make up with Practical Training
But these are only available until Tuesday 26th June 2018. So click to enrol now!
If you need any more assistance, call our student adviser team on 03300 563 100 and become the beautician you never knew you could be.

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Top 5 Most Popular Beautician Jobs