Perfect your skills with our new Practical Floristry Course

Could you name a single person who doesn’t like flowers?
Because we can’t. Honestly.
So how good would it be to work in an industry that is dedicated to flowers? As well as knowing that you are making people happy by supplying them flowers?
Sounds like a pretty great set up from where we’re standing.
Floristry is a growing trade in recent times as flowers, floral arrangements and masterpieces become more and more popular.
Whether it is just someone buying a bunch for a loved one, or having a floral centrepiece at a celebration, or even a bridal bouquet – there is always a need for flowers.

What is floristry?

Floristry is the art and profession of selling and arranging cut flowers.
Using their keen eye for detail, creativity and imagination, florists are required to think of and produce beautiful displays for their customers and clients.
The typical day-to-day duties of a florist include:

  • Ordering a range of flowers
  • Constructing bouquets, floral arrangements, wreaths and displays
  • Advising customers on the correct flowers for their occasional needs
  • Informing customers on aftercare for the flowers
  • Arranging delivery for flower orders
  • Setting up floral arrangements at events

How do I become a florist?

Floristry is a very competitive profession, so the desire alone will not get you very far.
And that’s where we come in.
Studying a Practical Floristry course to gain additional knowledge will show your future employers that you are dedicated and willing to learn more within your profession.
Our Floristry with Practical Training course is a perfect choice to push you further into your dream career.
It covers everything needed to become a florist, such as:

  • The correct tools and techniques
  • Aftercare and conditioning methods
  • Complementing flowers and arrangement methods

AND provides you with a 1-day practical training session to allow you to learn from the best and put your skills into practice.
If you want to hear more about our Practical Floristry Course, give our Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100.
Alternatively, visit our website to enrol within the click of a button.

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Perfect your skills with our new Practical Floristry Course