A New Qualification: your key to a successful career

You may constantly hear us talking about how vital a new qualification could be for your career.
(That’s because it’s true.)
But we’ve realised that it may be all well and good to say this, but we have not explained why this is the case.
This is a common debate within many industries and sectors – do qualifications outweigh experience? Many dispute the claim with the idea that learning on the job provides practical experience that books and examinations cannot give you. However, with over 10 years’ worth of experience in the education industry, we know what we’re talking about; a new qualification is the way to go.

A New Qualification: necessary or excessive?

Let’s start with a vocational career: dentistry. Would it be possible to become a dentist on experience alone? We highly doubt it. There are definitely laws against this kind of thing.
That said, this theory also works for careers in which experience and practice may be deemed more important, such as Beauty Therapy and Personal Training. Qualifications reveal more about a person than just their education. It shows that they possess commitment, passion and the ability to work independently with positive results.
The hands-on experience, however, presents more opportunities for progression and development. This is due to the fact that a qualification may not be able to notify you of every situation that may occur in a working environment; it does, however, prepare you in how to deal with it and teaches you the logic behind these situations.

How will I stand out?

If we assume that most people who apply for job roles have a basic level of education, then everyone is in the same boat. So, if your CV identifies another level with a new qualification, then immediately you are at the forefront of the list.
In addition to this, it shows that you are invested within your chosen career enough to want to study in addition to necessary levels of education.
No matter what level you are at in your education and career, a new qualification can benefit you.
Our list of qualifications ranges from:

and more.
So what do you think? Is experience more valuable than a new qualification?
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A New Qualification: your key to a successful career